Breeder’s Digest: Japanese Breakfast, beabadoobee, Mellow Fellow


Opening an attachment within an attachment within another attachment in Outlook is like going down multiple layers of dreams in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. You click the X button and suddenly you’re back in the real world. Or was it dream level 01? Well, depends if the top is still spinning. Anyway, I’m not saying Inception was really great or good. A lot of people loved it, I know. And yes, I was thinking about things like this while in the office, reading and answering emails, doing serious work — really serious work. Maybe I should be working somewhere else?

Without any sense of flow of thoughts, or warning, or that thing which makes paragraphs cohere, beabadoobee just released her new single “Care.” And it’s catchier than anything on her last EP. She’s got another song, “Coffee,” released earlier this year and it was sampled in Pow fu‘s “Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head),” which became massively popular via TikTok. And then fans on YouTube be like, “like only if you came here not because of TikTok,” pulling the internet’s favorite false dichotomy card, that all TikTokers can’t be serious music fans and vice-versa.

“Death Bed” reminded me of Eminem’s “Stan,” which sampled “Thank You” by Dido.

I was listening to Japanese Breakfast this morning, before and after I had my breakfast, which isn’t really Japanese in any sense (i.e., rice, sausages, a few slices of cucumber). Japanese Breakfast started popping up on my recommended videos after I watched some of Mitski‘s videos on YT, which was probably late last year. I kind of forgot about her existence until her videos popped up again. I won’t say I instantly liked her music and I’m not really that sure why I’m listening to her. Is it the music? Is it because she’s cute? Her music sounds a bit like Sonic Youth meets Bjork. She’s Korean, by the way, not Japanese. And beabadoobee is half-Filipina.

Late the other night, before I sleep, I listened to another song that came up on my suggested videos. It’s “Dancing” by Mellow Fellow. Turns out, it was like a minor big hit like, two years ago. Maybe around the same time that Boy Pablo broke some parts of the internet. Sound-wise, I think they’re in the same ballpark. That wistful, sensitive guy, bedroom indie pop music for virgins dying to get laid. Oh, sorry, I got carried away.

Did you know that Mellow Fellow is a guy from Sucat, Parañaque who migrated to the US maybe ten years ago and became an indie pop star overnight? I know “guy from Sucat” reads like “ordinary guy from a place you never heard before,” but that’s not what I meant. Did you also know that Jay Som, another indie pop star in the US, released her third album and it’s called Anak Ko? What an unfortunate last name by the way. No, not Som, her real last name.

Going back to Japanese Breakfast, fans also noted the bisexual lighting in her concerts. I didn’t know that gender applies to lighting as well. By the way, she’s covered The Cranberries’ “Dreams” in more than one occasion and she also has a cover of “California Dreaming” on YT. So, maybe, just maybe, she’s also a fan of Chungking Express. Did I forget to mention that she’s pretty?

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