Debris (Sandwich, 2016)

Debris, Sandwich's eighth LP, despite having "Kagulo" and "Outlaw," is a little less than their previous outing---the one which they recorded live, in studio. "Kagulo", easily Sandwich's most recognizable hit since "Betamax," could have been up there with the band's best album openers---alongside "Sugod", "Procastinator", and "Cheese Factor Set to 9"---if only it isn't the... Continue Reading →


Have you ever wished you were a 90’s kid? FYI, the 2000’s was awesome too!

Note: This was originally written in September 2016, around the time everyone was going crazy over a TV ad featuring the Eraserheads. “We grew up listening to the music from the best decade ever.”                                          ... Continue Reading →

Fat Salt & Flame (Sandwich, 2013)

Fat Salt & Flame opens with grinding of the axes that segues into a series of build up and release - a layer cake of feedback and guitar screech. Around the two minute mark, you start to wonder - either they forgot the lyrics or somebody forgot to switch on the mic. But it never... Continue Reading →

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