Midyear Music Rundown


Was thinking of writing about the songs I’ve been listening to for the last six months. Music recommendation of some sorts. Only that if Kanye has Late Registration, we, here at breathing like karma, have a fresh new segment called Late Recommendations. This is the portion of the site where we recommend new songs which came out maybe a year ago—oftentimes, older. Which means it is mostly useless information—and it is, unless you haven’t heard yet, the songs we’re going to feature, which is highly unlikely. I thought it’d be better if we just call it ICYMI.

Then, I thought about fashioning the list of songs into something like a radio countdown, like ranking the songs and putting the hottest single on the top spot. Except this countdown would feature songs released from two or more years ago. Not so groovy. Okay, how about a playlist? Maybe, but this isn’t really a playlist. Some of the older songs here aren’t on my current playlist anymore. So, what to make of this now? Maybe just list down the songs and make what you want to make out of it: playlist, countdown, recommendations, Friday Slide, whatever…

Narda released a new song, their first after more than 14 years! And it’s angry AF—like we all should be. Sabi nga ng Wuds, Marian Rivera Supporters lang ang natatanga. San Cisco, Khruangbin, and Stella Donnely are among the artists I’ve discovered recently. Khruangbin’s “White Gloves” is probably the oldest song in the list but the song is just too good to exclude. “Face It” and “Mosquito” are my faves off Stella Donnelly’s Beware of the Dogs, which according to Robert Christgau, is “a musical encyclopedia of assholes, all male not just because she’s female but because assholes generally are.” Yes, it’s probably too #metoo but I like it for the melodies and Stella’s unassuming soprano.

As someone commented on YouTube, San Cisco’s Jordie Davieson used to look somewhere between Tom Holland and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; now he looks like some ’70s-era porn film director. Check their videos for “Awkward” (an LSS-inducing indie-pop hit released almost ten years ago) and “Skin” for proof. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that “Skin” is so heavenly catchy and Scarlett Stevens is one of the prettiest drummers ever.

Someone noted before that Orange & Lemons, when they broke-up, were split into two distinct halves: the OPM-loving Kenyo and the anglophilic The Smiths/The Beatles-influenced The Camerawalls. Orange & Lemons’ comeback single more or less merges both sides again and here’s hoping they’ll bring us some more.

Maris Racal‘s “Abot Langit” is arguably the best among Rico Blanco‘s recent collaborations with other artists (i.e., Julie Anne San Jose, IVoS). And it’s one of the better pop songs to come out as of late. Both versions are addictively good antidote for your pandemic fear. And Maris is definitely one of the young artists to look out for. Not only could she write songs and sing, she’s also good with guitars. While her debut album isn’t really that stellar, give “Tala” a few spins, the chorus is catchy as hell.

Contrary to what I expected, Banna Harbera doesn’t sound like Sunday morning cartoon soundtrack. For some reasons, I’ve always associated their name with Yogi Bear — until I listened to some of their songs. And I kind of dig some of them: “Always Clueless” is my kind of slow-jam, despite being almost 6-minute long. By the way, how am I supposed to pronounce CHNDTR?

Coeli, Megumi Acorda, and Maude, I’ve written about before. But this, I’ve realized only lately: Maude is underrated. I’d say that some of their songs are better than Sud’s but their songs on YouTube don’t get thousands of views and likes, unlike those by Sud or December Avenue. One reason I guess, is that they don’t have a music video universe. If you watch Sud’s music videos, it’s like the MCU—the stories and the characters in them are interconnected, interrelated. And like with the MCU, fans get to speculate about them. Anyway, here’s the complete list of this rundown:

Breeder’s Top 25 Countdown Every Six Months

1) juskopo – narda
2) skin – san cisco
3) face it – stella donnely
4) maria tambien – khruangbin
5) mosquito – stella donnely

6) abot langit – maris racal x rico blanco
7) white gloves – khruangbin
8) pag-ibig sa tabing dagat – orange and lemons
9) sulat – CHNDTR
10) flaws – san cisco
11) i still dig you – banna harbera
12) nobela – julia anne san jose
13) always clueless – banna harbera
14) tala – maris racal
15) regrets – julie anne san jose

16) pag-ibig na walang balik – imago
17) kahit kailan – bianca umali
18) norman fucking rockwell – lana del rey
19) brownout – maude
20) magkaibigan o magka-ibigan – coeli
21) baso – maude
22) ghost – megumi acorda
23) under the bluer sky – coeli
24) dulo ng hangganan – iv of spades
25) come inside of my heart – iv of spades

Lastly, did you know that IV of Spades‘ “Come Inside of my Heart” was initially written as a dirty rap song? It was originally titled “Cum Inside of My (bleep)” but the band’s managers/parents/guardians, conservative as friars as they’ve always been, thought it wouldn’t be a good fit for the boys’ immaculately angelic and heavily made-up mugs, their blatantly manufactured image, their obviously fake ukay-ukay get-up. To which, I disagree—put a bling-bling on Zild or Blaster (fucking cool gangsta name, right?) and that’ll solve their image problem. Just put a bling-bling, khalas!


PS. I dare you to listen to this song–it’s awesome. Just ignore their wigs if they distract you.

2 thoughts on “Midyear Music Rundown”

  1. “how am I supposed to pronounce CHNDTR?”

    Sabi nila d’un sa Wishclusive video, “Hi wishers, this is Chin Detera” — so Chin Detera. Hahaha.

    Na-encounter mo na ba ever ang YouTube channel ng vocalist ng Maude, si Luis Azcona? Parang cooking channel na siya ngayon pero for some reason bentang-benta sa akin ‘yung humor. Nahanap ko ‘yung channel kasi ginoogle ko one time kung saan nanggaling ang phrase na “sana all” haha. Also, pogi rin si kuya Luis. Nakikinig lang ako sa Maude dahil pogi siya, so may value talaga ang mga poging bokalista sa mga banda. Wala lang, sinasabi ko lang. Hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chin Detera yata yun singer nila. Yun na rin pala tawag sa band. Kala ko ChinD’ter. pag chin detera kasi parang tunog DJ ng love radio.

      lols. Di ko alam yun channel pero kita ko sa pic na pogi nga si koya, mas gusto ko yun iba kanta nila kumpara sa sud pero benta sa mga fans mga music vids ng sud, may kwento. ok din cover nila ng huwag na huwag.

      edit: pinanood ko yun vid nya ng leche plan. nakakatawa nga. mas ok sya vlogger kesa kumanta,hahaha


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