Nikita – We Are Imaginary (2010)

"I love her - like little girls love barbies and pink." This song's lyrics read like poetry. Well, because it was actually based on a poem. And it's about a girl. And the song is so effing catchy. Listen to it a few times and the chorus, which rhymes black Fuego with patintero, will find its way into your hum matrix for sure.

Better Off / Guijo St. (Makes You Wonder) – Apartel (2016) 

Apartel is Ely Buendia and the gang in full soul/funk/R&B mode. If I remember correctly, Ely once said that he can't do R&B. Maybe, RnB or contemporary R&B (i.e., South Border, Freestyle, Beyonce, Rihanna) was what he meant because here he is doing exactly that, producing good, if not be for everyone, funky music. And… Continue reading Better Off / Guijo St. (Makes You Wonder) – Apartel (2016) 

Until the Cows Come Home – Dragonfly Collector feat. Franki Love (2015)

Franki Love lends her heart-melting voice to one of the prettiest verses I've ever heard that I had to put an arc reactor-powered fridge in my chest just to keep myself alive. (Sorry, Iron Man reference.) She makes me want to fall in love, float in outer space, fall into bed all at the same… Continue reading Until the Cows Come Home – Dragonfly Collector feat. Franki Love (2015)

Wag Na Sana ‘Kong Magising Mag-isa – Jastafraz’s Chechebureche feat. Uela Basco (2012) 

Long song title by artists with an even longer name. I supposed Uela (of soul outfit Chillitees) is pronounced Wela as opposed to Yula as in Amor Powers Ms. Eula Valdez, who posed naked (but not nude) on the cover of the limited edition of Kamikazee's Maharot. Uela is Wela and Jastafraz (whatever is his… Continue reading Wag Na Sana ‘Kong Magising Mag-isa – Jastafraz’s Chechebureche feat. Uela Basco (2012) 

Night Shift – Lucy Dacus (2018)

"You got a 9 to 5 so I'll take the night shift. And I'll never see you again if I can help it. In five years I hope the songs feel like covers - Dedicated to new lovers". This is probably the most eloquent and patiently epic break-up song out there. Lucy Dacus has a great voice---powerful, too.

Violence is daily life

When I think about movies that I'd probably think about more - even though not necessarily re-watch - in the coming years, it's either those which employed powerful imagery or said something important. In the case of Parasite and Joker, it's both. While the early half of Joker is nothing less ordinary, the movie ratchet… Continue reading Violence is daily life

20 Favorite Songs of the 2010s

  Night Shift – Lucy Dacus Senator – Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Puro Laro – KZ Tandingan Nikita – Your Imaginary Friends Ikaw At Ako – Johnoy Danao Indak – Up Dharma Down The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala Wag Na Sana ‘Kong Gumising Mag-isa – Jaztafraz’s Chechebureche feat. Uela Basco… Continue reading 20 Favorite Songs of the 2010s

Rants/Raves: Neneng B, Sud, Sarah G., etc. “Neneng B”, Nic Makino ft. Raf Davis. Not sure if I should even type the artists' names or just have the title. Not sure it's worth the effort but, anyway. You might want to ask: why start the year with a rant? Well, yes, it’s New Year and according to feng sui experts, we… Continue reading Rants/Raves: Neneng B, Sud, Sarah G., etc.

My Favorite OPM Songs of 2019

Except for one song, seems like I got the "year released" all wrong. That or all the songs are actually older than 2019. Anyways, mayonnaise. Here we go: This Band - Kahit Ayaw Mo Na (2018) I first heard this song somewhere but the first time I really paid attention to it was when I… Continue reading My Favorite OPM Songs of 2019

Carbon Stereoxide (Eraserheads, 2001)

Carbon Stereoxide, Eraserheads' last studio album, came out almost two years since their previous record---less than a year before Ely Buendia unceremoniously announced his "graduation". For a band that put out new materials year in, year out, from 1993 to 1999, that twenty-two month gap and the resulting album was more or less telling, indicative… Continue reading Carbon Stereoxide (Eraserheads, 2001)

Galactik Fiestamatik (Rico Blanco, 2012)

At the center of Galactik Fiestamatik, is someone sweating it out on the floor. All eyes on her - she doesn't mind. The beat isn't catchy, it's hardly Macarena or whatever's the latest fad. There's something primeval about this, this ritual - Blanco seems to be saying. And so, the songs takes a more primitive… Continue reading Galactik Fiestamatik (Rico Blanco, 2012)