Barbie, Thom Yorke, Mocha Girls, Unit 406, etc.


1. Do you have any fan merchandise that is unusual?

Hmm, not sure if it could be considered as a band merch or something, but… I got a souvenir from the Mocha Girls, and this was back when they were still APOLITICAL, and in some of their shows, they would throw panties at the audience. You know, you have to jump and catch them or fight with the others. It’s like when the drummer throws his drumsticks at the end of the show. Only instead of sticks or guitar picks, they’re throwing panties at you. 😁

Yeah, of course, I still have them. What do you mean “used”? Wait, let me finish first. So, there was this one show, where, after they’ve thrown these panties, one of the girls started taking off her top and the others started doing the same except for this one girl who’s not wearing anything underneath her shirt. So, she didn’t. Then, she went to the backstage and went back with a pair of drumsticks and threw them to the audience. And since everyone were fighting over panties and whatnot, I got the drumsticks with so much ease. Who’d have thought I’d brought home drumsticks from a Mocha Girls show? That’s unusual, right? Yeah, exactly.


2. The first album you bought?

Pearl Jam’s Live On Two Legs.


3. Your first concert?

Can’t remember exactly. Must have been in Saguijo. Do small intimate gigs count? Or was it a Pupil mall tour around the time of their debut, Beautiful Machines? Anyways, I’ve been to Saguijo a few times, watched Narda, Ciudad, Sugarfree, Rivermaya, Color It Red, Quezo (whose set perhaps damaged my eardrums permanently), and Callalily. And then, there was this one gig where I fell in love with a girl in black T-shirt who sang along to all the songs Sugarfree played that night, from their album Tala-arawan. And like me, she knew all the words. And around the time Ebe Dancel introduced the next song, which would be “Ikaw Pala” she was standing closer to me, like, she’s almost standing beside me. And when the song starts, that’s the time we got closer and closer… and closer… and… You know that REO Speedwagon song? Yup, that’s the one. “In My Dreams.” 😦


4. Have you been to festivals?

Hmm, nope. Is Pulp Summer Slam a music festival? Yes? Can I still change my answer? No? Fine.

I’ve attended the Summer Slam once. They offered warm beer and cold pizza slices. It was my most memorable Summer Slam. It was so rad. Especially when Diether Ocampo’s band took the stage and Blow the audience away with hard-rockin’ music.


5. Ever considered to join a fan club? Which one?

Yes. Eheads’ fans club. It’s called Electric Fans Club. Y’know, as in Electric FAN? Clever, right?

You know what they call Rivermaya’s fans club? Grounders. Yeah, not so clever.

But do you know what they call the Introvoys’ fans club? The Geneva Cruz Haters Club.


6. What song introduced you to a new genre?

“Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life,” it introduced me to comedy albums—particularly, those by the Monty Python, which I remember I downloaded one time, and never played again. This song is really good though, which they used near the end of the movie The Life of Brian.


7. What do you think about TV and Movie Soundtracks?

Hmm, I think it’s good that some songs are given a chance, outside of the usual music outlets, to become popular and kind of annoying at the same time? You know, by the time I watched the fifth or so episode of Smallville, I can’t stand Remy Zero anymore. It kinda ruins the whole thing everytime an episode starts (or was it at the end?) and that bald vocalist of the band (who isn’t the guy playing Lex Luthor, by the way–Lex is cool), goes “somebody saaaaaaaave meeeeee.” Really annoyed the shit out of me.


8. Do you choose particular albums depending on the mood?

Yup. Definitely. I pick Radiohead when I’m happy, if you know what I mean. Then, I look for something upbeat afterwards. 😁

Thom Yorke has a new album, by the way, and a new film on Netflix. It’s called ANIMA. I won’t say it’s really good, this song. But you’d at least appreciate it, if you’re attuned to Yorke’s or Radiohead’s overriding aesthetic.


9. Ever made a mixed CD?

Yep. Even made a mixtape once. Burning a CD isn’t as fun as making a mixtape though. With CD-R, all you need to worry about, aside from the flow of the songs, is how many songs can you fit in. With tape, you have to do the math manually. You have to push the record and stop buttons and at the RIGHT TIME. You also have to maximize each side of the tape as well, which might affect your track sequence.


10. Have you ever met a singer or band member personally? Were you impressed?

There was one film festival where I met Marcus Adoro, this was in a mall, and we bumped into each other and I tried to ask him something, and he pulled out a guitar out of nowhere and played a 32-note guitar solo with his tongue and I was so fucking impressed I almost creamed my pants!

Okay, here’s what really happened. This was the time when Sandwich, Pupil, Marcus Highway, and The Dawn (?) were all going to play in the coming NU Rock Awards. I asked Marcus if there’s any chance they’re (y’know, the Erasereggs) playing together. He simply said no. End of story.


11. The old days of music were the better ones. Do you agree?

“I grew up listening to the music from best decade ever”—said every music fan who thinks that no awesome music came after THAT decade.


12. Have you ever seen a band live and regretted it? Which one?

I regretted every night I stayed up late just to see those bands. Having to travel far, staying up late, getting half-drunk and hungry, not getting laid, waking up alone, realizing you have work the next day and you’re still single. I mean, isn’t drinking beer while watching live videos on YouTube more fun?

I wasn’t even born yet when this happened but this is awesome.


14. Have you ever covered a song and recorded it? Which one?

Just a crappy one. On my phone. “They Don’t Know About Us.” It sounded like a cock, I mean, cockroach trying to sound like Ben Gibbard.


15. Have you ever quoted lyrics and why?

Yes. Sometimes I also sing quotable quotes, like quotes from Mark Twain, Werner Herzog, Kurt Cobain, or Michael Jordan. Why? Why not?


18. Do you have a song as a ringtone?

Yes. Right now it’s “Asking Price” by Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks.


19. Which CD Cover has the most beautiful Artwork?

Sticker Happy. Not the best album title (that would be Slanted & Enchanted or Songs About Fucking) but the Sticker Happy album cover is pure heavenly Art! This one below would be runner-up.



20. In your opinion, who does the best stage show?

Pavement, Kamikazee, Beyonce, and sexy night club strippers.


21.Do you prefer a chronological order or alphabetical or both of your CDs?



25. The saddest love song is…?

“For No One,” by the Beatles.


31. Does a good band need a good video? Do you have a favorite video?

Depends on your definition of good. Some people’s definition of “Good” is Better Than Ezra. Pavement’s “Gold Soundz” is probably my all-time favorite or at least it’s what I think music videos should be.


32. Would you get tattoo of your favorite band? Which one?

I’ve always wanted a Barbie’s Cradle tattoo. Or something similar to Barbie Almalbis’ tattoo. Well, not anymore since she’s already taken. You know, it’s like… No, actually, I just want to help a brother in need, a brother who do tattoos for a living. But I guess, not anymore. Also, with the way taxes are going up and the economy not looking very good, I think getting inked isn’t the most practical thing to do anymore.


33. What do you use to find new music? i.e., Spotify, Deezer, etc.

Uh, eyes? Eyes and ears? Fingers?


34. What is your latest music discovery?

Unit 406’s “Kahit Na Anong Sabihin Ng Iba.”


37. Do you still buy CDs?

Sporadically. I don’t listen to them anymore. Usually, I buy the CD but then I also just download the mp3’s and save them to my phone. Then, the CD’s, I used them as coasters or beermat. They’re really nice. Some, I use to play with my dogs though they seldom catch it. Maybe, vinyls would be better… with the dogs.


40. What do you love about music?

I don’t know where to begin, I can talk about this for hours. Music is like oxygen for me, I can’t go on a day without listening to music. I need to be around it all the time, it gives energy and I love the endless choice of music genres. Music has an universal language and you can express so much emotion. Music is the best thing in the world!

(Obviously, that was NOT me. That answer is ‘showbiz much.’ That’s from the blog I copied this from. πŸ˜‚)


P.S. You might have been expecting this from the title… so, here you go!


6 thoughts on “Barbie, Thom Yorke, Mocha Girls, Unit 406, etc.”

  1. Totoo ba ‘yung Electric Fans Club? Kung oo, sa’n ‘yan? I wanna joooooiiiin! Hahaha.

    Az in pumunta ka sa show ng Mocha Girls?? Wao ayos a! Hahahahaha. Share lang: bukod kay Mocha kilala ko rin si Mae kasi crush na crush siya n’ung kaibigan ko n’ung hayskul. Hindi ko ma-appreciate ‘yung beauty ni Mae n’un pero nang makita ko itong picture sa itaas, I was like, oo nga ‘no, cute at sexy nga siya at the same time. Haha.

    Ako rin gumawa ng mixtape n’ung bata pa ako, pero ako lang din ‘yung kumakanta at nagdi-DJ. Like sasabihin ko, “for our next song, we have Top of the World by the Carpenters” tas ako na rin ‘yung tutugtog at kakanta. Multitasking hahaha. πŸ˜€

    Nag-scheme ako sa Ramones video — ahh, parang gusto ko rin! Hindi ko ma-tell kung sarcastic sa “this is awesome” pero ako natuwa ako haha. Gustong-gusto ko n’ung college ‘yung Blitzkrieg Bop e, chongki music jejeje. πŸ˜›


    1. Totoo yung electric fans club. Kailangan mo nga lang ng time machine. Tsaka napalitan na s’ya ng yahoo groups.

      Syempre imbento lang yung sa Mocha Girls. Click-bait lang. Di ko rin kilala kung alin si Mae.

      Mas masaya mag mixtape di ba kesa sa CD? Pero mas masaya yun ginagawa mo hahaha.

      Favorite ko Ramones. At mas maa-appreciate mo yung kanta nila, yung energy, yung raw power, at yung bilis ni Johnny Ramone pag pinanood mo ‘tong video na ‘to.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hay nako walang totoo sa mga sinulat mo dito ‘no? Hehehe.

        rAdish kopyahin ko ‘to a! Tag kita! πŸ˜€


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