Barbie, Thom Yorke, Mocha Girls, Unit 406, etc.


1. Do you have any fan merchandise that is unusual?

Hmm, not sure if it could be considered as a band merch or something, but… I got a souvenir from the Mocha Girls, and this was back when they were still APOLITICAL, and in some of their shows, they would throw panties at the audience. You know, you have to jump and catch them or fight with the others. It’s like when the drummer throws his drumsticks at the end of the show. Only instead of sticks or guitar picks, they’re throwing panties at you. 😁

Yeah, of course, I still have them. What do you mean “used”? Wait, let me finish first. So, there was this one show, where, after they’ve thrown these panties, one of the girls started taking off her top and the others started doing the same except for this one girl who’s not wearing anything underneath her shirt. Continue reading “Barbie, Thom Yorke, Mocha Girls, Unit 406, etc.”