Songs About Eeveeel

With loving hands
And their arms are stretched so wide they can’t seem to take a breath
Knowing evil will prevail
And a million people seems like a lot
And a million people can’t be wrong…

If you look at the news today, well, some of the “news,” you might be inclined to say that we’ve got to brace ourselves for even darker days ahead. Like shit is going to go sideways in the most colossal way. At the same time, we could hope for the best. One news headline even uses the word “inevitable,” which reminded of that big purple villain from that popular comic book movie. But this isn’t like the movies where the heroes always win. It’s not inevitable I know, but worse things have happened, and it can still get worse if more people will make the wrong choices.

Times are gone
For honest men
Sometimes, far too long for snakes

Once again, I hide behind the songs, the music. Like those lines from “Clint Eastwood,” I see “destruction and demise, corruption in disguise, in this fucking enterprise” and what’s even more despairing is seeing these things get normalized, when every criticism and allegation gets rebuttal from the shills, influencers, propagandists with loads of half-truths, misinformation, misdirections, and whataboutisms. And the sad part is that some people take these counter-arguments as bible truths. That anything mainstream is propaganda.

Burn away the goodness
You and I remain
Did you see the last war
Well, here I am again

Friends, relatives, well-educated colleagues… the number of people I know who fell victim to this is just disheartening. That they ignore the obvious alignment of those people with history of corruption could probably tell how deep they are in the rabbit hole. I tried to engage them — just a few of them. And while I was not able to Trojan-horse their well-guarded beliefs, I am hoping that in time, sexy naked Truth will finally reveal herself to them. (By the way, the story goes that Truth went bathing with Falsehood in a creek, and Falsehood took Truth’s beautiful flowery dress, and Truth, refusing to take another’s clothes, thus went naked.)

There will come a time when everybody
Who is lonely will be free
To sing and dance and love

There will come a time when every evil
That we know will be an evil
That we can rise above

Who cares if you’re so poor you can’t afford
To buy a pair of Mod A Go-Go stretch-elastic pants
There will come a time when you can even
Take your clothes off when you dance.

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