Juan of the Dead (2010)


This zombie apocalypse set in Cuba hardly cuts it as an excellent horror-comedy in the same way Shaun of The Dead does. Nothing really special about the zombies, the action (except for the harpoon gun) or the story (some political subtext thrown in, but that’s it). So, we just have to wait for our main protagonist, Juan, his friend-sidekick Lazaro and the rest of the gang to kill hordes of zombies one after another, until the plot thickens—or not. Still, it’s one of the few good diversions from all the trash coming out of Hollywood’s ass nowadays. And it’s got the gorgeous Andrea Duro, who plays Juan’s estranged daughter, in an obligatory but kickass girl-killing-zombie scene where she does a Black Widow-takedown with a hammer. But most importantly, it’s pretty good fun; I was in stitches the whole time. It also has one of the funniest jokes of all time—the one involving a dying friend’s one final wish.

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