Misty Mundae Playlist

Mayonaise. One of the few The Smashing Pumpkins songs that I can still slide into my playlist without thinking about that minor feud between Billy Corgan and Stephen Malkmus during the ’90s and how between the two, Corgan was the one who’s pikon. By the way, great melodies — one of their best songs ever.

Sometimes. This and “Mayonaise” is my great shoegaze one-two punch. By the way, My Bloody Valentine are one of the bands that influenced the Pumpkins.

Butterfly Carnival. Great riff and intro. Been listening again to Grip Stand Throw, one Sandwhich’s best albums.

Gold Day. I was listening to Pavement Radio on Spotify these past few days while trying to focus on my work and I discovered this song from Sparklehorse’s It’s a Wonderful Life. This is one of those good morning songs.

Antenna. Pavement Radio has songs I already knew from before — from Sonic Youth (Sunday), Dinosaur Jr. (Feel the Pain), Sebadoh (Not Too Amused) as well as new discoveries like Heatmiser/Elliot Smith (Half-Right, Christian Brother), Sparklehorse, and Red House Painter (Katy’s Song). I added this one from Sonic Youth off their album The Eternal, because I don’t have “Sunday” or A Thousand Leaves on my phone.

Piano Fire. Another good track from Sparklehorse off same album which I discovered on the Pavement Radio playlist.

We Give In Sometimes. ICYMI Armi Millare left UDD already. Not really a big fan of theirs or their last album. I like Capacities a lot but Fragmented and Bipolar, not as much. I like a few songs off those albums, and this is one of those songs. Paul Yap’s basslines are so sturdy on this one, I would’ve built a house over it if I had the funds.

Carrot Rope. The obligatory Pavement song. It’s a fun song. And with Terror Twilight finally getting an expanded reissue and Pavement having another reunion tour this year, fans are prescribed to play at least one Pavement song three times a day.

Come In Alone. Jeff the Brotherhood have been one of the coolest rock duo for some time. This song is off their all covers EP Dig the Classics. By the way this is a cover of a My Bloody Valentine song, off Loveless.

Next Year /Ain’t the Life. Okay, I threw in a few songs from Foo Fighters’ There is Nothing Left to Lose, my favorite LP of theirs. Singing along to “I’ll be coming home next year” when you are about to come home is probably one of best feelings in the world.

I Got Id. More than the Beatles or Bob Dylan, Neil Young is my strawberry jam. And Pearl Jam are also kind of my jam. Sometimes. But Pearl Jam and Neil Young (he played guitars on this track)? Sure, why not?

Aurora. One of the best slow songs from Dave Grohl. And he’s written quite a few. This is also off their third, There is Nothing Left to Lose.

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