Superdrag – Head Trip In Every Key (1998)

head-tripSome said ‘Rock is dead’ in ’98 and electronica (i.e., Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers) is the next big thing. Well, Grunge died, sort of—after Cobain’s death, Pearl Jam’s No Code flopped, and Soundgarden split up. Unbeknownst to many, Pavement’s Brighten the Corners actually saved Rock n’ Roll in ’97. And paved the way for Superdrag’s pretentiously titled Head Trip In Every Key the following year, which proved that rock ain’t really dead, it just took the backseat.

While the Superdrag boasts melodic burst after burst and glorious fuzz on their debut Regretfully Yours, they were closer to breezy power-pop of Fountains of Wayne than to the darker sound of the early nineties. And while their label were probably aiming them to be the next big thing, John Davis and his cohorts had another thing in mind: make a great rock record Continue reading “Superdrag – Head Trip In Every Key (1998)”