Movies: Joker, Parasite

Violence is daily life

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When I think about movies that I’d probably think about more – even though not necessarily re-watch – in the coming years, it’s either those which employed powerful imagery or said something important. In the case of Parasite and Joker, it’s both. While the early half of Joker is nothing less ordinary, the movie ratchet it up by the second half and ends it like a fairly good Martin Scorsese-inspired movie based on a comic book character—see what I did there, Marvel? But more important than that is what it tries to say, even if it’s there’s plenty of violence. Parasite goes for the more subtle darkly comedic route, framing the struggles of a poor Korean family Continue reading “Movies: Joker, Parasite”

Movies I’ve Seen in August: Parasite, High Life, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


I’ve seen one great, two good films last month. Didn’t have that much time for a full-grown weed on a pot. So, I guess the blurbs below will do for now.

High Life is about a group of criminals aboard a spaceship sent for a deep outer space mission. And if you’re thinking: like Con Air in space? Yep, like Con Air in space. Deep outer space. And Robert Pattinson plays Monte, the Cameron Poe in this story. And there’s even a soiled little bunny rabbit, which Monte saves for his daughter and fixes at all cost. However, there’s no Oscar-winning moment a la Nicholas Cage, no world weary, teary-eyed “Put down the bunny” scene for the shiny vampire star from Twilight. I went into this movie blind expecting some cannabis fueled shenanigans Continue reading “Movies I’ve Seen in August: Parasite, High Life, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”