10 Favorite Cover Songs (That Are Better Than The Original)

Second-hand serenades

Okay, not all of them are “better than the original” but—don’t you like my WatchMojo-esque title?

The Man Who Sold The World / Plateau – Nirvana
Nirvana’s Unplugged album boasts a number of covers: one each from David Bowie, Ledbelly, The Vaselines, and three from the Meat Puppets, who also helped them play the songs. I probably listened to Bowie’s original only once, for research and academic purposes. There’s no denying Cobain’s iconic “plugged in” version is the better of the two. Nirvana’s version of “Plateau,” “Oh Me,” and “Lake of Fire” Continue reading “10 Favorite Cover Songs (That Are Better Than The Original)”