Random Thoughts: Videodrome, The Terminator, Fight Club and Other Favorite Movies

Just randomly picked movies that either blew me away one way or another, or movies that somehow stayed with me. Without thinking really hard. Movies I wouldn’t hesitate to give another go around if I can afford the time. Movies I’ll recommend to friends.

Here we go, in no specific order.



Re-Animator (1985). This isn’t really comedy-horror of the Evil Dead-type. The comedy is darker, the horror is much more sinister (i.e., that “undead head between the legs” scene Kevin Spacey’s character talked about in American Beauty). This led me to other Stuart Gordon movies such as Dagon and The Pit and the Pendulum.



Army of Darkness (1992). The threequel that’s usually ranked lower than its predecessors is actually my favorite in the Evil Dead series. Think of it as pre-CGI ancestor of The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of Black Pearl and its money-grubbing sequels, with Medieval Ash as a sober Jack Sparrow. Only, unlike Sparrow, Ash didn’t overstay his welcome.

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