Ultraelectromagneticpop on Vinyl – The Good The Bad & The Ugly


I was plugged in to my phone when the news came crashing outside my window: on its 25th anniversary, the remastered version of Ultraelectromagneticpop would be available on Spotify and other digital platforms. And I listened to it on Spotify the same day it came out. What tiny tidbit I missed at the time, is the news that it will be available not just for digital streaming, but also in other format—physical format to be exact. Eraserheads’ debut album will be out in limited edition vinyl in early 2019.

Why on vinyl? Well, vinyl is en vogue. Also, listening to records on a turntable automatically makes you look like an audiophile—therefore cool—and makes your musical tastes appear superior to those who don’t. It’s also said that listening to vinyls takes a lot of effort, preparation, time, and money. So, it’s only fitting Continue reading “Ultraelectromagneticpop on Vinyl – The Good The Bad & The Ugly”