Balikbayan Box: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.2-Part 2


First, the images above. They’re from the inlay cards of Fruitcake album. Probably, cassette. Not my own, just found ’em on the inter-webs. Now, I heard there is a Fruitcake movie in the works. And it’s about a now grown-up Frannie Wei trying to go back to Fruitcake Heights. But before she could enter that magical place, she has to collect those images above, which were drawn by Cynthia Bauzon in 1996, which means she needs to find an old Fruitcake tape. But not just an old cassette tape, it has to be from the first pressing of the album. And the inlay cards should have Medwin Marfil’s name erased from the credits. Continue reading “Balikbayan Box: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.2-Part 2”