My 10 Favorite Records of the 2010’s


You can never quarantine the past

Not intending this to be a quasi best of list. Just ten albums I liked/loved more than the others. All which came out between 2010 and last year. Maybe this is more of a personal chart, what music songs records I’ve been listening to for the last ten years. And this doesn’t even include those which were made in the ’90s and the 2Ks. And from the looks of it, guitar/rock music has dominated my listening years, with a few interesting diversions to spice up the mix. Also, the songs are getting slower, less punk, more like “J Smoov”, Soccer Mommy, or Mitski. Continue reading “My 10 Favorite Records of the 2010’s”

20 Songs from the 2010’s


Night Shift – Lucy Dacus (2018)
I was reading Consequence of Sound’s best rock albums list when I found this song. I was looking for songs too good for me to have missed so I clicked on a few YouTube links. But then of course the list includes Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light, which I think is fine, but no Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks? Just saying, Mirror Traffic‘s way better than Wasting Light.

“The first time I tasted somebody else’s spit, I had a coughing fit. I mistakenly called them by your name, I was let down it wasn’t the same. I’m doing fi-iine”. I initially thought she said ‘feet’ and so I played it again and I was hooked. Y’know, it’s like that song that opens with “I had – no choice – but to kill you”, the kind of opening line Continue reading “20 Songs from the 2010’s”

Until the Cows Come Home – Dragonfly Collector feat. Franki Love (2015)

Franki Love lends her heart-melting voice to one of the prettiest verses I’ve ever heard that I had to put an arc reactor-powered fridge in my chest just to keep myself alive. (Sorry, Iron Man reference.) She makes me want to fall in love, float in outer space, fall into bed all at the same time. She makes my heart melt like butter on fresh toast.

Love is an indie singer-songwriter from LA. And she reportedly recorded her part for this song in New York. Which means she and Clem Castro were never in the same room when they recorded the song. How she did it? I don’t know, maybe via long distance phone call. Continue reading “Until the Cows Come Home – Dragonfly Collector feat. Franki Love (2015)”

Balikbayan Box: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.2-Part 1

I spoke too soon. I took this raw recording clip from YouTube as proof of an on-going recording session and joined the #ultrasecret bandwagon. Last week, Ely Buendia surprised us with (initially) semi-cryptic posts on Instagram, then an announcement: they’re releasing a remastered version of Ultraelectromagneticpop for its 25th Anniversary. Digitally. ITunes, Spotify, and whatnot. Not on CD, not on vinyl. And no bonus DVD.

So, what happens now to the supposed re-recording of the said debut? Maybe it’s still on. The question now is, when will it come out? When will it be finished? Maybe after five years. Maybe never. That is, if there ever really was a re-recording session that took place. As usual, the ex-Eheads are busy with their bands, gigs, separate projects. Continue reading “Balikbayan Box: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.2-Part 1”