Breeder’s Digest No. 4

How do you find new music? Me, I find them while searching Google for this particular album cover and one thing leads to another which then leads to another which then leads to another which then—you know this could take me all day, CTRL+C, CTRL+V, until I get sick of it. In short, I ended up with this pretty cover art from Lucid Moon‘s self-titled release. It was released only last year but it’s really eye-catching and I thought it looks old, the art looks old. I thought it was from one of those classic vinyls Continue reading “Breeder’s Digest No. 4”

Eraserheads, Marimar and Christmas albums


Maybe Billy Corgan was right. The world is a vampire — sent to drain. Not that humanity being evil or unfair, as per the phrase’s definition on Urban Dictionary, but keeping abreast with the latest news and what’s happening around you, that could really drain you. Like for example back home, we haven’t really flattened the curve yet. And yet people were already allowed to go back to work — to save the economy. The f*cking economy. And there are even uglier things that I don’t want to mention here. Continue reading “Eraserheads, Marimar and Christmas albums”

Narda is back; NU107 returns


“I’ll send you a postcard from hell, if in case I don’t get well.” That’s the chorus of “Hypochondriac”, the second cut off A Postcard from Narda, the very first EP from one of the best local bands in the last twenty years. A Postcard from Narda came out in 2002, back when getting fresh new music could cost you a leg or an an arm. There was no Facebook, no YouTube, no Spotify yet at the time. Suwerte, Narda’s second EP followed soon after. Continue reading “Narda is back; NU107 returns”

‘Di ba Huwebes ngayon

black cassette tape on top of red and yellow surface

Updates: Tried watching Ang Huling El Bimbo The Musical few days ago. A friend said it was perfect for crying alone, or that I could let it on the background while working from home. So I tried and after a few minutes I started wondering if theater audience are allowed to sing along if they feel like it. And if not, being a huge fan of these songs myself, how do I stop myself from singing or at least humming along? I thought it would be a real struggle. But then, maybe theater or musicals aren’t for me. I stopped it before the 10-minute mark. Then I chanced upon comments, takes, reviews, which totally spoiled the ending for me. Also, it’s almost three hours long! I did lose some sleep to that Bea-John Lloyd video call, which I already knew then was fake, scripted Continue reading “‘Di ba Huwebes ngayon”