5 Songs by The Beatles—Explained

Scrambled Eggs, Socialism & Getting Hitched


1) “Yesterday” (off the album Help!
In one episode of GAME KNB? Kris Aquino revealed that “Yesterday”, one the Beatles’ chart-topping hits, was originally titled “Scrambled Eggs”. Not only that, it had a totally different set of lyrics with the words “omelette” and “eggs” in it. John Lennon even suggested to change the title to “Here Comes the Sunny Side Up” but this got him Continue reading “5 Songs by The Beatles—Explained”

My 10 Favorite Records of the 2010’s


You can never quarantine the past

Not intending this to be a quasi best of list. Just ten albums I liked/loved more than the others. All which came out between 2010 and last year. Maybe this is more of a personal chart, what music songs records I’ve been listening to for the last ten years. And this doesn’t even include those which were made in the ’90s and the 2Ks. Continue reading “My 10 Favorite Records of the 2010’s”

20 Songs from the 2010’s (Part Deux)

Stephen Malkmus at The Forum

Better Off / Guijo St. (Makes You Wonder) – Apartel (2016)
Apartel is Ely Buendia and the gang in full soul/funk/R&B mode. If I remember correctly, Ely once said that he can’t do R&B. Maybe, RnB or contemporary R&B (i.e., South Border, Freestyle, Beyonce, Rihanna) was what he meant because here he is doing exactly that, producing good, if not be for everyone, funky music. Continue reading “20 Songs from the 2010’s (Part Deux)”

20 Songs from the 2010’s


Night Shift – Lucy Dacus (2018)
I was reading Consequence of Sound’s best rock albums list when I found this song. I was looking for songs too good for me to have missed so I clicked on a few YouTube links. But then of course the list includes Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light, which I think is fine, but no Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks? Just saying, Mirror Traffic‘s Continue reading “20 Songs from the 2010’s”

Nikita – We Are Imaginary (2010)

Before Your Imaginary Friends (now We Are Imaginary, due to name conflict with another band who probably felt threatened by the band’s hooky indie pop songs), singer-guitarist Ahmad Tanji was in Pepsi Paloma Experiment. You read that right. That name wouldn’t sit right with woke and #MeToo people of today. Continue reading “Nikita – We Are Imaginary (2010)”

Better Off / Guijo St. (Makes You Wonder) – Apartel (2016) 

Apartel is Ely Buendia and the gang in full soul/funk/R&B mode. If I remember correctly, Ely once said that he can’t do R&B. Maybe, RnB or contemporary R&B (i.e., South Border, Freestyle, Beyonce, Rihanna) was what he meant because here he is doing exactly that, producing good, if not be for everyone, funky music. Continue reading “Better Off / Guijo St. (Makes You Wonder) – Apartel (2016) “

Until the Cows Come Home – Dragonfly Collector feat. Franki Love (2015)

Franki Love lends her heart-melting voice to one of the prettiest verses I’ve ever heard that I had to put an arc reactor-powered fridge in my chest just to keep myself alive. (Sorry, Iron Man reference.) She makes me want to fall in love, float in outer space, fall into bed all at the same time. She makes my heart melt like butter on fresh toast. Continue reading “Until the Cows Come Home – Dragonfly Collector feat. Franki Love (2015)”

Wag Na Sana ‘Kong Gumising Mag-isa – Jastafraz’s Chechebureche feat. Uela Basco (2012) 

Long song title by artists with an even longer name. I supposed Uela (of soul outfit Chillitees) is pronounced Wela as opposed to Yula as in Amor Powers Ms. Eula Valdez, who posed naked (but not nude) on the cover of the limited edition of Kamikazee’s Maharot. Uela is Wela and Jastafraz (whatever is his chechebureche) is most probably no other than Jazz Nicholas Continue reading “Wag Na Sana ‘Kong Gumising Mag-isa – Jastafraz’s Chechebureche feat. Uela Basco (2012) “

Night Shift – Lucy Dacus (2018)


I was reading Consequence of Sound’s best rock albums list when I found this song. I was looking for songs too good for me to have missed so I clicked on a few YouTube links. But then of course the list includes Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light, which I think is fine, but no Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks? Just saying, Mirror Traffic‘s way better than Wasting Light. Continue reading “Night Shift – Lucy Dacus (2018)”

Neneng B, Sarah G., Sud, Yeng Constantino, etc.

“Neneng B”, Nic Makino ft. Raf Davis. Not sure if I should even type the artists‘ names or just have the title. Not sure it’s worth the effort but, anyway. You might want to ask: why start the year with a rant? Well, yes, it’s New Year and according to feng sui experts, we should get rid of all the trash, the bad stuff, the negative vibes. Continue reading “Neneng B, Sarah G., Sud, Yeng Constantino, etc.”

Thanks To The Moon

91XJC0HUHkL._SS500_And then, Sandwich parted ways with BMG, otherwise known as the Beatles’ record label, went indie, and released an album with five, (take note, not just four but five!) naked girls under a huge umbrella on the cover. Due to strict censorship at the time, under then-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, they had to hire the best photoshop artist (before they were called that) not to airbrush armpits, stripes and whatnot, but to clad each babe in digital two-piece. Have you ever wondered why you can’t find a high-res image of the said album cover on the internet?

The album would be called Thanks To The Moon’s Gravitational Pull. (The moon’s gravitational pull is, in layman’s term, the force that pulls things up, the oppossite of what gravity–Earth’s gravity–does, which is pull things down. So the moon’s gravitational pull makes ’em you-know-how, while the Earth’s pulls ’em down, just like in that Radiohead song about a surgeon, “Fake Plastic Trees” I believe it was called.) The album was released to little funfare. It was then that EMI signed the band and re-released Thanks To The Moon, with bonus tracks, but unfortunately with different packaging.

So, no nude babes in digital clothing this time—not this time—not even on the inside of the CD. And for this, the new edition, even with bonus materials included, always gets a rating half a star lower than the original. But the new edition helped Sandwich reach new highs even without smoking pot. “2 Trick Phony” proved that they have more tricks up their sleeve—not just one, but two. Its music video got major airplay on both MTV and Myx. Little did we heard of the original edition. Thus, only true die-hard Bruce Willis fans knew about the original version. Most people I know don’t know about it. Including my mother.

The limited ‘indie’ early pressing of the album, has since become a hardcore collectors’ item, selling on eBay and Sulit for  a whopping JPY 4000 and is only available on import from Japan. Someone must have figured the limited edition thingie back then, bought all the remaining copies and decided to migrate to Japan—just for the extra bucks, or to be more precise, “extra lapad“.

But the album, thanks to the moon, is quite good. Even better than the last one. Liked it better than the last one, has less of Marc Abaya, and less tendency of getting “Sabotaged”. It also has “Masilungan” and non single “Not This Time.”

Eraserheads Albums Ranked (Well, Sort of)


I’m posting another draft. Just for traffic. Actually, I wanted to write longer, harder, fatter… review or whatever for each album but I ain’t done nothing yet. I’m slow. To tell honestly, the one I wrote about Sticker Happy, that was sitting on my Draft folder for years. I remember, my PC was still running on Windows XP when I started writing Continue reading “Eraserheads Albums Ranked (Well, Sort of)”

Barbie, Thom Yorke, Mocha Girls, Unit 406, etc.


1. Do you have any fan merchandise that is unusual?

Hmm, not sure if it could be considered as a band merch or something, but… I got a souvenir from the Mocha Girls, and this was back when they were still APOLITICAL, and in some of their shows, they would throw panties at the audience. You know, you have to jump and catch them or fight with the others. Continue reading “Barbie, Thom Yorke, Mocha Girls, Unit 406, etc.”

Kill This Love: 13 Questions

1. Which bands/artist do you have the most albums by?
Do you mean physical copies or not? (I’m asking because I have the whole discography (90+ LPs) of unlicensed, unadulterated, undeniably good music from a group called The Tribal Sounds from Mt. Krakatoa in digital format.) So, to be safe, I’ll go with legit physical ones: Eraserheads. I have all of their LPs. Continue reading “Kill This Love: 13 Questions”

11 Favorite Moments In ‘Avengers: Endgame’


1. Justine Bieber. That moment when Rocket joked about Captain Marvel’s ever changing haircut. Yup, Captain Marvel is Disney’s attempt at a lesbian superhero. And they still couldn’t spell it out. Where’s your balls Kevin Feige Mickey Mouse? Also, Deadpool did it first. And she has a very cool name: Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Continue reading “11 Favorite Moments In ‘Avengers: Endgame’”

Ranking Your Favorite Pogi Rock Bands from Worse to Worst

Hale. Say what you want, “The Day You Said Goodnight” would still be hit, whether Champ Liu Pio now looks like FrancisM-meets-Luis Manzano or not or whether he’s still with Louise delos Reyes or not. Lucky guy, that Champ. A real champ.

Sponge Cola. I still like the deeper cuts in their debut like “Partisan” and “22” and their follow-up Transit is also good, especially “Tuliro.” Things kind of went downhill from there, save for Gosh Dilay’s “Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay.”

Soapdish. There’s a bit Sonic Youth in that guitar intro to “Ewan Ko” or I’m just stoned. And if there’s a music video that epitomizes “pogi rock,” it’s this Soapdish video. Take note who the band’s playing to: pretty college girls.

Cueshe. Cueshe is without a doubt the most hated band on this list. The reason for it? An extra singer with extra pounds, an unfortunate goatee, and a song that’s allegedly a rip-off of Silverchair’s. But they made four albums, only one LP short against Sponge Cola’s five. Their haters? (crickets)

6cyclemind. Their first album was pretty decent (Biglaan). Unfortunately, everything that follows pretty much sucks.

*Rocksteddy. Here’s where things branch out into, for better or worse, a pogi-rock subgenre: feeling pogi rock.

Callalily. Pretty boy band with pretty good looks. But their songs have only half the hooks one can find from either 6cyclemind, Soapdish or Cueshe—their uglier older pogi-rock brothers.

Top Suzara. What could be possibly worse than pogi-rock? One pogi-rock hit wonder.

Shamrock. These guys are probably the Siakol of pogi-rock. Siakol-bad but not Siakol-good. And when I say Siakol-good, I mean songs like “Lakas Tama,” “Peksman,” “Gawing Langit Ang Mundo,” etc. And “Alipin” isn’t even as good as “Bakit Ba?”

*Sam Milby. Sam Milby is not pogi rock. You sing pogi rock songs for girls—not for Piolo.

Jeans. Kristine Hermosa definitely had a thing for breaking hunky singer type guys. It’s not really a bad thing, y’know, until that guy with broken heart starts singing and decides to form his own band.

Blow. Let’s give it to Diether Ocampo for coming up with the greatest band name ever. Either their music is so good that it’ll blow you away or “damn it totally blows!” It’s definitely the latter, but don’t take my word for it.

Favorite Records, 2018

What I’ve Been Listening To In 2018?

A bunch of oldies. Neil Young, some music from the Aughts, one fine indie rock band, and few new releases. Fear of missing out this is not. In fact, my Spotify playlist is stuck on Moira dela Torre. And Moira is like what—so 2017? Or 2016? The last band I discovered on Spotify was Ovlov. And that was in… 2015? Continue reading “Favorite Records, 2018”

Ultraelectromagneticpop on Vinyl – The Good The Bad & The Ugly


I was plugged in to my phone when the news came crashing outside my window: on its 25th anniversary, the remastered version of Ultraelectromagneticpop would be available on Spotify and other digital platforms. And I listened to it on Spotify the same day it came out. What tiny tidbit I missed at the time, is the news that it will be available not just for digital streaming, but also in other format—physical format to be exact. Continue reading “Ultraelectromagneticpop on Vinyl – The Good The Bad & The Ugly”

Superdrag – Head Trip In Every Key (1998)

head-tripSome said ‘Rock is dead’ in ’98 and electronica (i.e., Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers) is the next big thing. Well, Grunge died, sort of—after Cobain’s death, Pearl Jam’s No Code flopped, and Soundgarden split up. Unbeknownst to many, Pavement’s Brighten the Corners actually saved Rock n’ Roll in ’97. And paved the way for Superdrag’s pretentiously titled Head Trip In Every Key the following year, which proved that rock ain’t really dead, it just took the backseat.

While the Superdrag boasts melodic burst after burst and glorious fuzz on their debut Regretfully Yours, they were closer to breezy power-pop of Fountains of Wayne than to the darker sound of the early nineties. And while their label were probably aiming them to be the next big thing, John Davis and his cohorts had another thing in mind: make a great rock record without repeating Regretfully Yours. The A&R guys wanted another “Sucked Out,” Superdrag gave them the power-pop equivalent of Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie, a rock album replete with horns and string arrangements, piano, organ, sitar, theremin and mellotron–even a microwave oven. It’s not just the kitchen sink, John Davis and co. throws the the whole kitchen into it. Unfortunately, Head Trip flew under the radar and never made a hit, the record label barely promoted it and dropped Superdrag off their roster soon after its release.

All this makes Head Trip an underappreciated gem. A forgotten classic. Though Superdrag never really seemed to aim for Top40 hits, Head Trip wasn’t meant to be something like Nirvana’s In Utero. They were not trying to shy away from the spotlight. They weren’t trying to alienate the Regretfully fans. Superdrag meant Head Trip to be heard and shared. And they’re just there, hanging around the corner, waiting, quietly inviting you to take a chance, grab those headphones, press play.

Favorite Nude/Sexy Album Covers (NSFW)


Sticker Happy (1997) – Eraserheads
Drinkin’, Lechin’, & Lyin’ (1989), Cold Hands (1990), White Out (2000) – Boss Hog
Night Time, My Time (2013) – Sky Ferreira
Materiales Fuertes (2015) – Trinidad
By The Way (2002), Mother’s Milk (1989) – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Zilch (2015) – Pupil
Sparkle Hard (2018) – Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
Songs About Fucking (1987) – Big Black
Surfer Rosa (1988) – Pixies
Taste Test (2003) – The Pin-up Girls
Hale (2005) – Hale

Balikbayan Box: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.2-Part 2


First, the images above. They’re from the inlay cards of Fruitcake album. Probably, cassette. Not my own, just found ’em on the inter-webs. Now, I heard there is a Fruitcake movie in the works. And it’s about a now grown-up Frannie Wei trying to go back to Fruitcake Heights. But before she could enter that magical place, she has to collect Continue reading “Balikbayan Box: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.2-Part 2”

Balikbayan Box: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.2-Part 1

I spoke too soon. I took this raw recording clip from YouTube as proof of an on-going recording session and joined the #ultrasecret bandwagon. Last week, Ely Buendia surprised us with (initially) semi-cryptic posts on Instagram, then an announcement: they’re releasing a remastered version of Ultraelectromagneticpop for its 25th Anniversary. Continue reading “Balikbayan Box: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.2-Part 1”

Rivermaya Albums Ranked From Worst To Best


Rivermaya never got rejected by record labels because their songs weren’t “pop enough.” They never experienced selling tickets only so they could play in Club Dredd. If there’s anything naysayers had to say about Rivermaya, it’s that they were manufactured (they were the brainchild of Chito Roño and Liza Nakpil), they never toiled the underground Continue reading “Rivermaya Albums Ranked From Worst To Best”

Maselang Bahaghari: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.1


I’ll let you in on a secret. The Eraserheads, the now defunct greatest local band in the land, is in the process of re-recording the songs from their ultra-celebrated but supposedly tinny-sounding first album Ultraelectromagneticpop!. Maybe I should drop “supposedly” in my last sentence, because that’s the very reason Ely Buendia wanted to re-do their twenty-five year old debut. Continue reading “Maselang Bahaghari: The 20 E-ssential Eraserheads Songs, Vol.1”

Camera Obscura, Interpol and Other Favorite Records from the Zeroes


Another list. A list of albums I like, from that decade after the Millennium Bug crashed the world’s supercomputers and left the world in chaos. Albums I still listen to from time to time. Not necessarily the bests, nor great ones. More like comfort food. Like burger and fries.

Continue reading “Camera Obscura, Interpol and Other Favorite Records from the Zeroes”