Breeder’s Digest

I had a really scary dream the other night. Can’t remember the earlier part of it but I remember the best parts. And guess what, it’s a two-part dream. In Part 1, I was visited by a ghost in my bed. I don’t really remember what she looked like and I don’t really want to remember. Maybe she’s a white lady. Maybe. All I remember is, I was lying in my bed, and the ghost, she was floating above me. And she’s trying to reach me with her gross gross hand (think something like Mrs. Ganush’s in Drag Me to Hell) and I was trying to push her away. I don’t remember how I/we get to that point so don’t ask. And true to every scary dream, I froze. I froze like, I dunno, maybe like Leo Di Caprio in the movie Titanic. Except Rose wasn’t there. Except I was never able to make a sketch of her ‘wearing only this.’

Like in almost all of my other bad dreams, I managed to wake up just before the part where I die, or the part where… whatever that ghost wanted to do to me. But I was still scared after I woke up. So I thought better not to look at any corner of my room. Might see something. So, I tried to go back to sleep. And then, the scary dream continued. In Part 2, there was a manananggal outside our house. And for some reason, she was able to open one of the windows. But this manananggal, even though we were afraid of her, she’s actually fair-looking — no fangs, no goth eyeliners — she doesn’t look frightening at all.

Her hair wasn’t messed up. And she looked pretty normal — except her body was cut in half, she has wings, and she’s flying just outside the window. She’s wearing a light colored blouse. And for some reason, all the buttons were undone and one could see her cleavage (Maybe this was my brain course-correcting for the really scary first part). She also looked tired and sad, as if she was asking for sympathy. Like she was saying that she’s been starving for days and she’s begging us to give her that baby sleeping soundly in the crib. Except there was no baby, and there was no crib. So it was up to us if someone among us would like to volunteer. Me, I was very sure that I didn’t want let go of any part of my body at that point. Even if it’s for a fair-looking, maybe starving, half-naked, not-really-scary manananggal.

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