Black Widow (2021)

Black Widow is pretty much like the majority of MCU movies: fairly entertaining, CGI-bloated, middling action scenes, doesn’t pack much emotions, and somewhat forgettable especially for those who aren’t really too invested in its characters. Florence Pugh is great. Scarlett Johansson, well, she seems caught between giving her last best try and phoning it in. She’s probably thinking about moving on too, just like RDJ. And the movie gives us “obligatory” shots of her ass, because I don’t know.

Like in most MCU movies, issues and themes only serve as window dressing, not something to tackle, grapple with, pore through. Characters have emotional moments, BUT not emotional journey or meaningful arcs. There won’t be another Black Widow movie, most probably. She’s already dead (at least in the main timeline). Also, the movie’s roughly half a decade late already. Nobody seems to care for Natasha Romanoff’s future anymore and Marvel, cynical as it is, clearly knows this. There’s no more bigger evidence for it than the movie’s post-credit scene, shoving Florence Pugh’s lovable face to our faces, and undercutting what could’ve been a genuine grieving moment for the dead, with a joke and a shameless Disney+ plug that’s utterly shameless. Couldn’t these people pay respect for the dead character and for once just let it sink in for a moment? That’s pretty insulting to Black Widow, I guess.

And if you look further, you can consider the whole movie as another evidence for it — that Marvel doesn’t really care all that much for its titular character. Its warmed-over “family” story, its recycled brainwashed killing machine from The Winter Soldier, the obvious Mission: Impossible story beats, the genuine lack of stakes. So what if they don’t succeed? Oh, yeah, those women, the Black Widows — even though all of them were non-characters the audience couldn’t genuinely care for — no names, no characterization, no backstories, no nothing. And worse, this movie brings to mind the last two or so Mission: Impossible movies, without actually being able to deliver even just a single truly thrilling moment or a clever twist, like those Tom Cruise movies usually do.

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