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Last movies I’ve watched and liked? Ang Babaeng Walang Pakiramdam (2020), and it seems to be getting “review-bombed” on Letterboxd. But it’s a fairly good movie, especially the acting — props to both Kim Molina and Gerald Napoles. Daryll Yap’s movies seems to get a lot of hate/dislike online and most probably for the wrong reasons (i.e., political correctness). And he seems to be on a roll recently — Pornstar, Tililing, then this, then there’s the new Sharon movie, Revirginized. Which probably makes it even more fashionable for “woke” people to dis his works. I liked some parts of #Jowable. And this is better than #Jowable.

Saw The Swordsman (2020) just in time for the new Rurouni Kenshin movie(s), which I wasn’t really too excited about to be honest. I wasn’t a big fan of Reflections, which I probably didn’t even watch in full. The Swordsman is like a more “grounded” (as in less on anime-style physics-defying swordfights) Korean Rurouni Kenshin, with a bit of Zatoichi thrown in for good measure (the titular character is slowly going blind). It’s a thrilling watch and Joe Taslim is menacing as the main villain.

Last movie I’ve watched and disliked? Death of A Girlfriend (2021). Nothing is believable in this movie. Maybe you should just watch Daryll Yap’s Pornstar instead. Or maybe you should just stick to TikTok. This movie is quite bad, Jeric Raval should be fuming mad.

Not really a huge fan of romantic movies, rom-coms, hugot films or whatever indie stuff like “I’m Drunk, Let’s Fuck” is in nowadays. But these three movies are my recent favorite romance/love story movies: A Copy of My Mind (2015), Monrak Transistor (2001), Joni’s Promise (2005). Meaning they get high recommendation from yours truly.

Recent favorite songs? I just recently discovered Music Hero’s “KLWKN” and “LDR”. Nice songs, even though I don’t like the idea of manufacturing bands. Zack Tabudlo’s “Binibini”, I liked and played more than any recent Zild, Unique, IVOS, or Oh, Flamingo! Fans are wondering why Raven’s “Paraluman” isn’t getting as much views on YouTube and I thought just because you like the song doesn’t mean others would like it too, right? I mean, “Paraluman” is kinda interesting, but “Binibini” blows it out of the water.

I was binging on older hits lately after I got curious what hits did Odette Quesada wrote. Turns out she wrote quite a lot. And then I found this article [link] and discovered that Bodjie Dasig, Quesada’s late husband, wrote “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko” when he couldn’t choose between two car brands. Who would’ve thought there was something “Ballardian” about that song? When we were kids, this song automatically gets an alternate version — naughty kids that we were, we’d sing this song’s chorus differenly. Since puso (heart) rhymes with the Bicol word for penis (an adult penis by the way, because there’s another word for a boy’s penis), we’d sang it differently, which makes it even more “Ballardian”, I guess? I don’t know. I’m humming the tune right now.

Well, going back to Odette Quesada, I’ve known for so long that “Friend of Mine” was such a good song. About being ‘friendzoned’, way before it was called that. I just didn’t know then that it was Quesada who wrote and sang it. Maybe because the version I knew and heard the most from the radio, wasn’t her version, but by Lea Salonga. And MYMP also did their own version. So, the confusion. And she also wrote, Sharon’s “To Love Again”, which according to Alex Almario, is her greatest song.

This got me digging further. I remember that Gary Valenciano’s “How Did You Know?” was originally recorded by someone else. It was by Chiqui Pineda, in the mid-90s. And I liked the original version way better than Gary V.’s. Because not only does Gary V.’s version remind me of Gary V.’s corny singing style, it also reminds me of that movie where Aga Muhlach waited for the song to finish before he finally had a heart attack or was it something — can’t remember.

Yes, that movie where Aga Muhlach did what Empoy Marquez did in Kita Kita. He was, y’know, a bit of a stalker. And yes, that movie where Aga finally ended up with Kristine Hermosa, only to break her heart once again because he was terminally ill. I mean, this is probably one of the most cliche ending ever. And in case you haven’t seen that movie, yes, he died in the movie. Aga Muhlach died, while Gary V. was singing this song.

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