Songs of the Week: Nina, Mayonnaise, Richard Hawley, Cultured Pearls

My dreams have come and gone. The world is spinning faster each day. And I am not the one my future promised I’d be. Well, Nina, what can I say? My alternate future self never made any promise to my past self. Maybe my past self never even dreamed of that alternate future self in the first place. Because living from pocket to the plate could do that to people. Suppress their ability to dream, give them a kind of nearsightedness, with no five or ten year plan.

Grey skies. People in autumn or winter clothes walking side by side on a cold damp street. This song makes me feel nostalgic for things I’ve never even experienced—either a past imagined or only seen in movies. This one’s from one Richard Hawley, the guitarist (and singer-songwriter) who auditioned for but got rejected by Morrissey.

Sounds like 60s/70s songs about workers withholding labor and destroying corporations. Like, y’know, Fuck the Man, I’m not gonna do your dirty work for free! Until I read the lyrics. And I was amazed how they sang this song so straight without any hint of irony, given what the song is really about.

One of those Sunday morning songs from one of those FM radio Sunday morning programs. This band is from Germany and based on comments on YouTube, this song was sort of a hit locally in the late 90s/early 2000s, though it probably didn’t chart or receive airplay in the US.

And I swear. I swear I’d kill you now. This is pretty much the feels from the last two weeks. Dafuq, he’s still alive?! Joking aside (and jokes are 99.9% meant btw), this is such a great song. Maybe the lyrics is a little too IDK, but overall it’s great. It was sang and probably written by the band’s former bassist. By the way, if you Google search “better mayonnaise,” you will find the best tasting mayonnaise in the results.

It isn’t really good if it doesn’t break your heart. The jazzy original turned on its head and given grunge’s loud-soft-loud dynamics, still nostalgic, but this time tinged with angst. This is originally by the Apo Hiking Society. This cover wasn’t included in the tribute albums unfortunately.

The title is the opposite of Dry Day. And it’s easily become my favorite Teenage Fanclub song. Damn, I need some alcohol in my liver.

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