God Exists 360 Degrees


Sad and shocking news. While I don’t consider myself a big fan of theirs, my closest friends are. Friends who I haven’t seen for years. Brothers who I’m sure would pass the Dead Body Theory of Friendship. Though in theory, the test wouldn’t be the hiding of the body but what comes before the hiding part.

They’re the ones who’ll never leave you when you’re in a tight spot. They always got your back. Music was a common denominator. As were basketball, drinking, recreational shit. So I found myself scrolling, searching, sulking yesterday, trying to get my mind of it. If only my friends were here, we would have probably listened to 4th Degree Burn, Headtrip, or Project 11-41. And also, Rivermaya’s Live and Acoustic, for that splendid live version of “Slap Vs. Freak”. Over bottles of beer of course.

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