Breeder’s Digest No. 4

How do you find new music? Me, I find them while searching Google for this particular album cover and one thing leads to another which then leads to another which then leads to another which then—you know this could take me all day, CTRL+C, CTRL+V, until I get sick of it. In short, I ended up with this pretty cover art from Lucid Moon‘s self-titled release. It was released only last year but it’s really eye-catching and I thought it looks old, the art looks old. I thought it was from one of those classic vinyls or something from Relly Coloma, which of course led me to search for Coloma’s old LPs and found one of his, titled Love Story. It’s the picture in the middle, a portrait of a nekkid Western girl posing as a Hawaiian native.

The search also led me to this beat tape by Jorge Juan B. Wieneke a.k.a. similarobjects. It’s called Raw Philippine Love Songs Beat Tape and I actually liked it. And I thought reading a bit of background on how Weineke came up with this album helped me appreciate the music in this album. But still, the main draw here for me are the songs—the old Filipino songs he sampled in it.

Speaking of old Filipino songs, did you know that there’s one indie label in Cebu called Melt Records? And they’re home to bands like Tiger Pussy, Honeydrop, Kubra Commander and many more. Did you know that Debb Acebu, who now sings for Ang Bandang Shirley (taking over Selena Salang’s post), used to be with Honeydrop? Anyway, here’s the good news: If you check Tiger Pussy’s page on Melt Records’ website, and go to their second album People You Hate, you’d see something like this:

meltrecords tiger pussy

Yes, that’s this on the lower left, Bleeding Like Farma, the one and only, nothing else. And you know what I thought when I found out? No, it’s not in the same level as finding out NASA has used your “song about space” for an ad to promote Elon Musk’s plan to colonize Mars. It’s not in that Reese Lansangan-level of awesomeness. In fact, it wasn’t really awesome. The first thing that came to my mind was, “I wish I’ve written it better” that I should have taken it more seriously, that that “review” is kind of jokey — with jokes about lechon, veganism, Cueshe, among other things.

But I couldn’t change it anymore because it’s already there. People from Melt Records read it already and probably liked it (and I really hope they really liked it and used it because they liked it and not because it’s the only review of People You Hate they can find online).

Anyway, I initially have the phrase “improv it” in the draft of this “Breeder’s Digest” (which is supposed to be a bi-monthly blog update every other Thursday) but I changed it because it doesn’t fit. I got it (the phrase) from the movie The Big Hit (1998) and it’s from this particular scene with this funny little exchange between cutee China Chow and the great Lou Diamond Phillips. It also has Mark Walhberg but you won’t see his dick in this movie. That’s from another movie, the scene you’re thinking of.



2 thoughts on “Breeder’s Digest No. 4

  1. Ang ganda ng ‘Breeder’s Digest’ az a title! Bakit parang ngayon ko lang nakita ‘to? Hindi ko pa yata nababasa ‘yung first three volumez hahaha.

    Tsaka yiiie, kinilig ka d’un sa Tiger Pussy review ‘no? Congraaats! Press ka na! Hehehe. 😀


    1. Hahaha wag mo na hanapin pero nanjan lang yun hahaha. @Tiger pussy, di nman, konti lang. Pwede ko na sana gamitin para mag apply sa vandalsonthewall kaso defunct na pala sila hahaha. Or sa Melt, pwede ba humingi ng free mp3s, para gwan ko ng review? 🤣

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