Ranking Your Favorite Pogi Rock Bands Part 2 Or Why We Should All Hate Sam Milby

If this is your first time (here), I’d like to let you know before anything else that I am very very glad and ever so slightly honored to inform you that this is actually an old post. And the only reason I’m re-posting this, is because I thought things couldn’t get any worse (i.e., COVID19, Terror Bill, the stupidity and incompetence). But I was wrong—very wrong. And the worst news came at the very worst time (and it has something to do with Sam Milby). By the way, you may want to go check the original post in case you want to see this very explicit picture of Madonna taken from the album inlay of her critically acclaimed LP Erotica. And so as promised in the title, let’s rank and roast all of your favorite pogi-rock bands — from worse to worst. If you still haven’t figured out why we should all hate Sam Milby — Sam f*cking Milby — then read on…


Hale. Say what you want, “The Day You Said Goodnight” would still be hit, whether Champ Liu Pio now looks like FrancisM-meets-Luis Manzano or not or whether he’s still with Louise delos Reyes or not. Lucky guy, that Champ. A real champ.


Sponge Cola. I still like the deeper cuts in their debut like “Partisan” and “22” and their follow-up Transit is also good, especially “Tuliro.” Things kind of went downhill from there, save for Gosh Dilay’s “Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay.”


Soapdish. There’s a bit Sonic Youth in that guitar intro to “Ewan Ko” or I’m just stoned. And if there’s a music video that epitomizes “pogi rock,” it’s this Soapdish video. Take note who the band’s playing to: pretty college girls.


Cueshe. Cueshe is without a doubt the most hated band on this list. The reason for it? An extra singer with extra pounds, an unfortunate goatee, and a song that’s allegedly a rip-off of Silverchair’s. But they made four albums, only one LP short against Sponge Cola’s five. Their haters? (crickets)


6cyclemind. Their first album was pretty decent (Biglaan). Unfortunately, everything that follows pretty much sucks.


*Rocksteddy. Here’s where things branch out into, for better or worse, a pogi-rock subgenre: feeling pogi rock.


Callalily. Pretty boy band with pretty good looks. But their songs have only half the hooks one can find from either 6cyclemind, Soapdish or Cueshe—their uglier older pogi-rock brothers.


Top Suzara. What could be possibly worse than pogi-rock? One pogi-rock hit wonder.


Shamrock. These guys are probably the Siakol of pogi-rock. Siakol-bad but not Siakol-good. And when I say Siakol-good, I mean songs like “Lakas Tama,” “Peksman,” “Gawing Langit Ang Mundo,” etc. And “Alipin” isn’t even as good as “Bakit Ba?”


*Sam Milby. Sam Milby is not pogi rock. You sing pogi rock songs for girls—not for Piolo. (EDIT: I think we could all agree that if there’s anything bad about “pogi-rock” it’s all because of Sam Milby and therefore he should be at the bottom of this list.)


Jeans. Kristine Hermosa definitely had a thing for breaking hunky singer type guys. It’s not really a bad thing, y’know, until that guy with broken heart starts singing and decides to form his own band.


Blow. Let’s give it to Diether Ocampo for coming up with the greatest band name ever. Either their music is so good that it’ll blow you away or “damn it totally blows!” It’s definitely the latter, but don’t take my word for it.


Sam Milby. Sam Milby pogi-rocked his way into pogi-rockstardom with his perfect teeth and imperfect tey-ga-log and by covering Victor Wood’s immortal “Only You”. Now he’s reportedly pogi-rocked his way into the Ms. Universe’s  heart. And he’s probably busy right now . . .  pogi-rocking . . .  her . . .  uhm, universe.


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