‘Di ba Huwebes ngayon

black cassette tape on top of red and yellow surface

Updates: Tried watching Ang Huling El Bimbo The Musical few days ago. A friend said it was perfect for crying alone, or that I could let it on the background while working from home. So I tried and after a few minutes I started wondering if theater audience are allowed to sing along if they feel like it. And if not, being a huge fan of these songs myself, how do I stop myself from singing or at least humming along? I thought it would be a real struggle. But then, maybe theater or musicals aren’t for me. I stopped it before the 10-minute mark. Then I chanced upon comments, takes, reviews, which totally spoiled the ending for me. Also, it’s almost three hours long! I did lose some sleep to that Bea-John Lloyd video call, which I already knew then was fake, scripted and definitely not “unconfined” cinema, but maybe not on this one.

On other less encouraging news, it seems like Deadpool 3 won’t be happening soon. And from what Ryan Reynolds said, it seems that Marvel is still undecided whether they’d let Deadpool be his own thing or they’d integrate him to the MCU. This article from Forbes has some valid arguments on why Disney needs to make Deadpool 3 from economic point of view. While this one from Inverse, argues why Deadpool should be his own thing, from a fan’s POV. I say may the universe bless them both and hope Kevin Feige would listen to them.

Weeks ago, a video of Puddle of Mud‘s cover of Nirvana’s “About a Girl” surfaced on the web. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, there’s the said video. Or maybe it was for the better. I’m sure we all learned something from it. You want to cover a Nirvana song? Don’t even try. Unless you have tats on your face you call yourself Post Malone. Yes, that Post Malone Nirvana tribute is awesome. And I don’t even know who this Post Malone guy is.

After Tiger Pussy, another awesome band from the south broke up recently: Loop. The quartet from Iligan City announced that they’re done flirting with the universe and making their dreams a reality. You can check their albums on Bandcamp, their songs on YouTube. Promise, they’re awesome. Good thing, we still have Narda. Not really, but their first two EP’s, A Postcard from and Suwerte are now digitally remastered and available on Spotify.

Music: I thought both of Ben&Ben‘s 2020 singles are kinda meh, especially when compared to their previous singles (“Kathang-Isip”, “Pagtingin”). But I don’t even like this band or their music so who am I to say. Also, a lot of people seems to like them. It seems a lot of (young) people could relate to their songs and tend to write their longings, heartaches, what-not on the comment section. I don’t know which is worse, these anecdotes about crushes and heartbreaks or comments from IV of Spades fans trying so hard with their own—to use one of Ai Ai delas Alas‘ favorite expressions—“profound” interpretations of the band’s songs. This band, they must be pretty deep, eh?

I’m starting to like Bianca Umali‘s “Kahit Kailan”. I don’t really know anything about her since I don’t watch TV but I kinda like this song. Speaking of TV, did you know that Yam Concepcion used to pound the drums for her brother’s band? Ursa Minor, they’re called. And she usually posts her drum covers on her Instagram. They’re more like workouts, I guess, nothing fancy. But I still watch them, esp. if I know the song she’s playing. One time, she covered “Zero” by The Smashing Pumpkins. Lastly, do you still remember the time when Dennis Trillo almost saved pogi-rock from its thousands of bashers and haters? Check the link, in case you don’t.


Movies: If you want time travel movies, you may try Los Chronocrimenes (2007), more popular as Timecrimes. It’s good and not as confusing as some time-travel movies, like Primer (2004). If you like the kind of movie that mixes science fiction with low-budget drama, there’s Another Earth (2011). If you like science fiction horror like those Alien movies, you can check Underwater (2019). In the movie, Kristen Stewart plays a drilling facility engineer trapped at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Lastly, there’s The Faculty (1998) which is part alien invasion, part teen horror movie. If you are at all interested to see what Elijah Wood looked like before those Lord of the Rings movies, or Josh Hartnett before Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor, or Usher before he became Usher, or how hot Jordana Brewster was (still is) before those Fast & Furious movies, you’ve got to check this out. It looks pretty dated now, but it sure is lots of fun if you’re a horror movie fan.

Why Thursday? Because movies usually open on Thursdays. I’m referring to the lyrics of Eraserheads’ song “Torpedo”, which may have been obvious to those who live in the cities and frequently go to the movies but not for those of us who were in the province. Back then, movies usually open on Mondays, 2 -4 weeks after they opened in Manila. And I remember every Monday, the bus would pass by these huge hand-painted billboards by the road side. And seldom would I miss to check what movies they’d be showing for the week. And this was my favorite part of the day. My favorite part of every Monday and what made me look forward to it. This was the time when watching movies became my favorite distraction and I was “minoring” in film studies.




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