Nikita – We Are Imaginary (2010)

Before Your Imaginary Friends (now We Are Imaginary, due to name conflict with another band who probably felt threatened by the band’s hooky indie pop songs), singer-guitarist Ahmad Tanji was in Pepsi Paloma Experiment. You read that right. That name wouldn’t sit right with woke and #MeToo people of today. What experiment? Like the one Richie, Vic and Joey did? Maybe, Tanji picked names a little too poorly. But at least, he didn’t name his band The Animated Cats, or The Red Baboons, or The Purple Chickens. Oh wait, there’s actually a band called The Purplechickens. And they’re actually pretty fucking awesome, bad name that stuck notwithstanding. But that’s for another story.

“I love her – like little girls love barbies and pink.” This song’s lyrics read like poetry. Well, because it was actually based on a poem. And it’s about a girl. And the song is so effing catchy. Listen to it a few times and the chorus, which rhymes black Fuego with patintero, will find its way into your hum matrix for sure. While some people thought the song is about Ahmad Tanji’s ex, the lyrics were actually written from a girl’s perspective. It talks about weeping over one’s diary and asks “When will we find the time to talk about poems and stars and dreams… like we used to.” Of course, fans listeners are always free to give their own interpretations meanings attachments. Me, I’m just happy to take the song’s coda with me – yes, that “I just miss you” part – wherever I go.

Here’s a video of the band performing the song live – the album version below.

I did a bit of “catching up” with the band (via YouTube) and I found this song and listened to it for the first time. The guitar breaks in the intro sounds a bit like Pupil’s “Cheap Thrills” and the lyrics reminds me of Rico Blanco’s ‘Parang Wala Na”. Similarities aside, it’s unmistakably a We Are Imaginary song. Just check the effin’ guitars, that definitely sound like the Tanji brothers. I’m not 100% sure, but this is probably the first entirely Tagalog song from the band and it’s actually good. Effin’ good.

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