My Favorite OPM Songs of 2019

Exactly how I’d wrapped my 2019!

Except for one song, seems like I got the “year released” all wrong. That or all the songs are actually older than 2019. Anyways, mayonnaise. Here we go:

This Band – Kahit Ayaw Mo Na (2018)
I first heard this song somewhere but the first time I really paid attention to it was when I heard a young girl sing the song on videoke in a birthday party. And even though the song starts off somewhat like a Moira copycat, even though what it is about, we already heard more than a dozen times before, the song’s build up and chorus pretty much made it what it is—a hit—it very much deserves all kinds of accolades, hit/like/views it gets. Whether it’s the miracle of engineering (i.e., mixing), each member’s restraint or both, you have to admire them for zeroing in on band dynamics, minimalist arrangements, and sounding like really tight band on an acoustic night open mic and nailing every breath, every note, every beat.


Unit 408 – Kahit Na Anong Sabihin Ng Iba (2017)
Probably the only song I found on those Spotify playlist that I really like. Also, the only song to make good use of the phrase “kesyo ganon, kesyo ganyan”.  Haha.


Jastafraz’s Chechebureche – Wag Na Sana ‘Kong Gumising Mag-isa (2012)
First heard this song on Itchyworms’ After All This Time, turns out there’s superior version of the song found on Ang Nawawalang Soundtrack. And it’s by Jastafraz’s Chechebureche featuring Uela Basco on vocals. And look what I found on YouTube.


December Avenue – Huling Sandali (2019), Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw (2018), Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig (2017)
Well, this band has been around for quite some time. Actually, they’ve been around for more than a decade already. It took them five years to release their debut, which houses the lone Tagalog title “Eroplanong Papel”, which I deservedly dismissed—it’s not Sugarfree, not Typecast nor Silent Sanctuary circa Fuchsiang Pag-ibig—a good competent emo-pop bar band, if there is such a thing. Decent musicians, you’d wish they invest more on the songs than whatever guitar/bass/drum tricks they have up on their sleeves. And they actually did. Invest on songwriting, that is. And like the boy-best friend who’s always there, the less popular girl who got ditched for the prom queen, or the nerdy teen you never gave a chance, the band just move along until they finally find their darling listeners. Not the third gen emo crowd, but YouTube/Spotify/Facebook crowd.

“Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw” may have been their most popular on YouTube but my vote goes to the song they released in 2017. And while I prefer the alternate title over the official one, I’m relieved that with Google, no one’s going to get lost in the record store looking for “Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan” (and partially because there aren’t that many record store anymore to begin with). So, you take it all, cheesy title included and immerse yourself in whatever feelings the song gives you. Maybe, someday, you’ll get sick of it and finally learn to move on. At least, that’s what the band said, that their songs are actually for “moving on”. Well, that’s arguable but it’s probably hard argue with a band who are officially the most streamed local artist in 2019. And I have to admit, “Huling Sandali”, the least of their three best songs online won me over with its music video. Pasensya na, mababaw lang talaga ang luha ko.

6 thoughts on “My Favorite OPM Songs of 2019”

    1. Uy, nakita ko sa YT. Pero di ko napapakinggan.
      Napakinggan/napanood ko na pala sya. nakalimutan ko lang kasi distracted dun sa girl na bida din dun sa Sila video.
      catchy nga, lakas maka-80s OPM vibe.


  1. Pinakinggan ko ‘yung kanta ng This Band dahil sa post mo. Catchy nga, ano? Sarap sabayan, hehe. Although naisip ko, ang laking bagay na babae ‘yung bokalista. Kung lalaki kasi ‘yung kumakanta, I think magkakaroon ng predatory vibes ‘yung lyrics. “Lapit nang lapit, ako’y lalapit / layo nang layo, ba’t ka lumalayo” — parang deliks ito in the #MeToo era, charot haha.

    Consequently (awow), kung babae ‘yung kumanta n’ung “Sila” ng SUD, baka hindi naisulat ‘yung article na ni-link mo d’un sa isa pang post. Hehehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Binalikan ko ulit yung news about Sud, Jensen, Shirley.
      Parang ang intinde ko, mahilig lang mag green jokes ang Shirley sa mga gigs nila.
      ‘Sila’ was written daw by their drummer about his ex, when he was courting her.
      Reading the lyrics, medyo mahirap naman talaga na mabasa yung ‘fuccboi’ na interpretation.
      (Or pwedeng totoo nga, di lang self-aware yung nag sulat ng kanta. Hahaha)
      Or siguro may alam din yung nagsulat ng blog tungkol sa mga kalokohan ng Sud.
      O baka yung nag sulat at yung nag tweet ay iisang tao lang, or friends sila.
      #MeToo rin yung isa nyang post about Reese Lansangan x Vic Sotto wedding.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think ‘yung Shirley tungkol talaga sa green jokes, pero ‘yung members ng Sud parang garapalang nagyayaya ng phone sex sa mga fans nila e. Sa pagkakaalala ko a, haha.

        Baka ‘yung nagsulat talagang ‘yung #MeToo lens ang ginagamit niya tuwing kumikilatis ng mga kanta. Okay lang din naman ‘yun, I think? Haha.

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