Se7en (Not the David Fincher Movie)


This, is definitely NOT about that movie that ends with Brad Pitt killing someone (Wrath, was it?) after he found out what’s inside the box. But what is a box? Sorry, PNBMD reference. I know you recognized that hunk above is Brad Pitt and it’s from a scene in that crappy movie called Fight Club. Fight Club‘s listed below. But—remember the first rule. So, if you’re wondering what happened to the old intro—me and my fact-checkin’ cuz watching Home Alone 2 on VHS and him almost choking to death—that was definitely a temporary one. And the movie I was talking about, I Do I Die (Dyos Ko Day), found it online and watched it the other night. And I was WRONG. The movie hasn’t age well. But the funny bits are still funny (e.g., the golf scene). Have you seen this Redford White/Babalu movie? I might write about it later.

But before that, Jolens tagged me to do this Se7en things thingie. And so do it I must.


7 things I want to do before I die (jusko day!):

1) Live Forever (because why not? Sabi nga sa kanta ng Beatles)
2) Pay off my debts
3) Learn carpentry
4) Invest in stocks, mutual funds, Ponzi scheme, pyramiding scam, networking, whatever
5) or have small business on the side (online selling, t-shirt printing, siomai franchise, beer house, laundromat, etc.)
6) Go to Japan (and/or Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Europe, Canada)
7) Go back to Bicol (and at least go see the famous Cagsawa Ruins)


7 things I can’t do:

1) Be organized esp. at work (I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying…)
2) Stop procrastinating
3) Sleep early
4) Finish reading the books listed below
5) Split (‘yung ginagawa ni Van Damme)
6) Fly
7) Huminga habang nakalawit ang dila (iilang tao lang daw ang nakakagawa nito).


7 things that attract me to both a boy and a girl: 

1) Likes movies
2) Can sing (+1 if s/he wears glasses and +2 if s/he also plays guitar)
3) Likes music
4) Can dance (they say people with bendy, flexible body and magiling gumiling are also good in… the kitchen)
5) Can play the harmonica
6) Parang music related lahat, sige na nga love to read books, and most important of all
7) Big b**s (because–y’know—I’m all about the b**s, ’bout the b**s, no treble)




7 things I say most often:

1) Yeah
2) Dude
3) Mother—earth–er!
4) Oh my god
5) Yeah
6) Dude
7) Holy Ssshe (may be the beauty or the beast, may be the famine or the feast…)


7 books I [would] love to read:

1) Simulation & Simulacra
2) Capitalist Realism
3) Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
4) J.G. Ballard
5) 50 Shades of Grey
6) 50 Shades Darker
7) 50 Shades Freed


7 movies I could watch over and over again:

1) Monty Python & The Holy Grail
2) Kung Fu Hustle
3) I Do I Die Dyos Ko Day
4) Fight Club
5) Cowboy Bebop
6) Spider-Man 2
7) The Mask of Zorro


7 (pair of) songs I would probably never tire of (or here’s where I modify the tag for my own convenience):

1) Stereo / Shady Lane (Pavement, Brighten the Corners)
2) Shooting Star / Darating (Teeth, I Was A Teenage Tree)
3) Ha Ha Ha / Balikbayan Box (Eraserheads, Sticker Happy)
4) Rodeo / Shattered Like (Rivermaya, It’s Not Easy Being Green)
5) Kusina / Meron Ba? (Narda, A Postcard from)
6) Walk On / Ambulance Blues (Neil Young, On the Beach)
7) Birds In Cages / Supermeaningfectlyless (Eggstone, Vive La Difference)
7) Si Felimon, si Filemon / Granada (Yoyoy Villame)


How to end this? IDK here’s Teeth’s “Darating” for ya. Great song.

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