Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


On weekends, I sometimes just don’t feel like watching new movies or old films I haven’t seen before. So, I settle with movies I’ve already seen. Because they don’t require my full attention. Like if something comes up, like a phonecall, or work, or errands, I could easily switch it off. Luckily, nothing came up lately and I was able to re-watch a few movies without interruptions. One of them is Edge of Tomorrow, with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

If your ovaries don’t jump upon seeing Tom Cruise, say, you’re not the type or he’s not your type, there’s still a lot reasons to watch Edge of Tomorrow. Well, there’s Emily Blunt, for one, and she plays bad-ass soldier who once possessed Cruise’s time-resetting power. If only they hadn’t messed with her blood.

The movie’s mostly fun when Tom Cruise was still learning how to fight, when he was still training under Emily Blunt. The fun part? Blunt needs to kill Papa Tom every time he gets badly injured. Well, he got himself killed when he tried to roll beneath a passing army truck in one hilarious sequence. The movie gets boring as Tom Cruise starts to get better. And that part where Cruise has to use a device to be able to get inside the head of the alien, it’s pretty similar to Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim did it better.

The ending’s pretty questionable too. An illogical happy ending that feels tacked on, just because people in the test screenings **warning** didn’t like **HUGE steaming ball of SPOILERS ahead** Tom Cruise **stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie yet** dying one last time in the original ending **okay, you’re safe now, read again after the dot.**

Maybe not great science fiction, but great solid fun movie. Because there’s nothing more satisfying in a Tom Cruise movie than to see Tom Cruise himself, try, fail, and DIE, multiple times. And shoot aliens like there’s no tomorrow.


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