Kill This Love: 13 Questions

1. Which bands/artist do you have the most albums by?
Do you mean physical copies or not? (I’m asking because I have the whole discography (90+ LPs) of unlicensed, unadulterated, undeniably good music from a group called The Tribal Sounds from Mt. Krakatoa in digital format.) So, to be safe, I’ll go with legit physical ones: Eraserheads. I have all of their LPs.

2. What was the last song you listened to?
“Stereo,” by Pavement, to lighten myself up, since I came in the office late, due to a series of unfortunate events encountered on the way this morning (i.e., traffic jam). Not to mention, I was standing on the bus the whole time.

3. What was the last concert you attended?
Pupil, in one of their mall tours. Around the time of their album LOTIP.

4. What’s the most musically involved you’ve ever been?
In one occasion, I was a drummer in the drum and bugle corps in grade school. I was a member of a choir in high school and we were going to perform in a year-end program. But before that, the choir leader kicked me out because I have an attitude. Currently, I’m in a band that occasionally plays at Christmas Parties in the office and other corporate events. And the first time we played (which was also the last), we fucked up big time. Good thing I only play the cowbell.

5. Band/artist you’ve never seen live but always wanted to?
The blog I copied this from mentioned Imagine Dragons. I don’t know Imagine Dragons, haven’t heard any of their songs. But I saw a band shirt of them once in a Hard Rock Cafe store and I hated them since then. I don’t know, but I hate their name. Imagine Dragons? What does it even mean? Imagine eating Dragon shit is more like it, probably. And I imagine that they sound like a hard rock band, but it’s so mainstream? Like if the members of Coldplay have beards and long hair and try to rock. God, that would be awful. But I imagine Imagine Dragons would still be more awful.

Short answer: Stephen Malkmus/Pavement.

6. What is your favorite band shirt?
I have red Che Guevarra shirt, which I can’t wear anymore since I grew fat already like Thor in Endgame. Does it count as a band shirt. Like, it’s Rage Against The Machine shirt? No? Okay, I have another one. And it’s a Monsterbot shirt (shoutout to Diego Mapa!) with the Rhomboids album cover printed on the front.

7. Musician you would like to hang out with for a day?
Moira dela Torre. In a bedroom. On a weekend. When I desperately need some high quality sleep. To recover from a whole week of sleep-depriving work.

We can write song together. Doesn’t necessarily mean I have to do some actual playing or writing. I could just be there, lying, listening, sleeping. While she does her thing. Does that count as “hanging out”?

8. Musician or group you wish would make a comeback?
No one. I don’t want bands/artists making come back for whatever reason (money, fame, the fans). I’d like another Pavement reunion though, even though I have zero chance of actually seeing them.

9. Name four or more flawless albums.
Why not less than perfect albums, for a change?

Ha He Hi Ho Hu
Melts In Your Mouth (Nut In Your Head)
2nah Ahgen


10. How many music related videos/DVDs do you own?
I don’t know. Not too many. I have this Parokya DVD, which I just bought for archiving purposes (I haven’t played it, not even once). I have two Nirvana DVDs (Live at Reading and MTV Unplugged), one Pavement DVD (I have two copies. For some reasons, the store I ordered from thru Amazon shipped it twice. This was back when I was still in Japan. Sorry, I didn’t bother to return or do something. I didn’t know what to do.)

But if there’s one DVD which I wish I have, it would be Eraserheads’ Reunion Concert DVD. Too bad, I didn’t have the money when copies of it were still floating around some audio/video stores. By the time I had some extra money, it was already out of print. Sad. But at least I got two copies of Pavement’s!

I did not answer the question, did I?

11. Your favorite movie soundtrack?
I like the songs in those Guardians of the Galaxy movies and some songs from the Deadpool movies. I used to like A Walk to Remember (because, Mandy Moore) but I still like the songs performed by Mandy Moore and Switchfoot. I like a few songs (Bad Reputation, This Perfect World) used in Kingpin. But if I have to pick just one or two, that would be Aimee Mann’s “Save Me” and “Wise Up,” from the movie Magnolia. And speaking of that movie’s OST, which also has a version of “One,” I also like Filter’s version of “One,” from the OST of The X-Files movie.

12. What was your last musical phase before you wisened up?
I don’t believe it’s really about having “wisened up.” It’s just that our preferences or “taste” changes as we grow older. I wouldn’t consider the music I listened to now as wiser or better, just different. I mean, I listened to Radiohead a lot in the last decade but I don’t listen to them now, at least not as much. Of course there this phase thing, grunge, nu metal, pop punk. There are a lot of music from the late 90s and early 00s that I’d rather not listen to now. Here’s a few of them: Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Incubus—I still can listen to some songs by Korn and SOAD. On the brighter side, Limp Bizkit/Fred Durst & co. could make for some really funny internet memes, these so-called Nu Metal bands.

Couldn’t find a Limp Bizkit meme, but this one needs no meme to be funny.

13. What’s you’re “guilty pleasure” that you hate to admit to liking?
It can’t be that bad if some people like it, right? Some people’s Air Supply could be somebody else’s Vampire Weekend. Of course, there are bad music, really shitty music. Anything by Willie Revillame is shit. Some people say Inigo Pascual can’t sing. He looks good—looks somewhat, gay. He can sing fine but I don’t care, I don’t like his song.

I’m not a fan of Air Supply or their songs but I like KZ Tandingan’s version of “Two Less Lonely People In the World.” Another song from artist or genre I don’t usually listen to is Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me.” And then there’s “Banyo Queen.” Andrew E.’s rap skills on this one is so rad that he manage to slip the phrase menage a trois in “nag-me-menage a trois daw siya sa Alabang” without you noticing it.


Wait. Am I supposed to tag someone? Others?

12 thoughts on “Kill This Love: 13 Questions”

  1. Una, anong ginagawa ng BlackPink todits? Hahaha.

    Ikalawa, shet, drummer ka noon? Soshal, pang-maykaya ‘yang ganyang extra-curricular a. Hahaha. At nag-choir ka rin? Si DJ din! Mga peste ba’t kayo may mga hidden vocal talent? Hahaha.

    Ikatlo, hmm. So ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin ng “Imagine Dragons”? I think parang imperative sentence siya, ‘yung utos na hindi explicitly stated kung sino ang subject, e.g. (you) shut up, (you) go there, (you) Imagine Dragons. Tapos since dragons are mythical creatures, ang implication ng utos ay (you) Imagine Dragons (are real). Choz, pinag-isipan talaga? Haha.

    Anyway isa lang ang kanta nilang alam ko. Gusto ko ‘yun, “It’s Time” ang title. Parang hindi sila hard rock e. Parang ‘yung kantang “Pompeii” ng Bastille, parang pump up sing-along anthem, ganern.

    Teka, why would you not listen to Incubus anymore? Paminsan pinapakinggan ko pa rin ang Drive at Summer Romance. Hehe.

    At oy, ano ibig sabihin mo sa Inigo Pascual “looks somewhat, gay”? Baka ma-censor ka ng social justice warriors! Haha.

    Psh, the people who hate Air Supply can probably still sing along to their songs, haha. Personal favorite ko sa mga oldies na (I think) kasabayan ng Air Supply ay ‘yung Lighthouse Family. Kilala mo sila? ‘Yung kumanta ng High at Lost in Space? Love them. ā¤ Hahahaha.


    1. Ang ganda diba? Yun kill this love. At mgaganda din sila. Hajaha

      Once lang yun nag drums. Naka school uniform lang. Gusto ko lang pumalo. Cant afford ko rin magpatahi nung uniform w/hat. Di rin ako magaling kumanta. Would’ve probably fucked it up BIG TIME in front of thousands kung di ako nasipa.

      Pinakinggan ko nang konti yun It’s Time. Parang Coldplay circa Viva La Shite na parang Fun (We were Young) pala tunog nila. Parang pump up stadium chorva.

      Di ko alam basta di ko na gusto Incubus. Yung Drive OK lang. Nagagalingan pa rin ako dun, kakaiba siya eh, di ko actually alam kung ano genre (jazz? soul?) pero di ko na trip pakinggan.

      Re: Inigo. Sabi nga ng Tubero: Galit kami sa gwapo. Hahaha.

      Di naman talaga hate, parang they “laugh at” Air Supply o yung mga tao na trip sila. Mga elitista tulad nina Lourd de Veyra at Jessica Zafra. Yung mga banat na “Aegis is for C anf D crowd.” At ate, afaik 70s pa ang Air Supply. Late 90s lang ang duo na Lighthouse Family. Yup, gusto ko rin sila, kahit halos magkakatunog lang kanta nila.

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      1. Magaganda BlackPink pero mas gusto ko pa rin 2NE1, haha.

        Lahat yata ng nag-choir sinasabing hindi sila magaling kumanta. Pero sige, k, maniniwala ako sa ‘yo. Hahaha.

        Oo nga, parang Viva La Vida nga! Ganyan nga, stadium pump up chorva! šŸ˜€

        Gusto ko rin ‘yung non-genre conforming mode ng Incubus. Super sikat lang kasi talaga nila noong high school e, especially among the cool kids. Nilu-look down ng Incubus fangirls ang mga gaya kong nakikinig sa Hale at Spongecola hahaha.

        Alam mo recently medj na-guilty ako makinig sa Aegis dahil parang nabasa ko DDS sila. Hindi ko akalaing dealbreaker sa akin ‘yun. Like, kapag nalaman kong DDS si Ely o si Raimund o si Buddy o si Marcus, baka i-skip ko na rin mga kanta nila. Baka lang naman. Ikaw ba?

        At sorry naman ‘di ko alam alam na 70’s pa Air Supply! Basta ganyan ‘yung mga tugtugan tuwing Linggo n’ung bata pa ako, so sa utak ko magkaka-edad lang sila hahaha.


      2. @Incubus fan girls: Ano na kaya sa mga HS ngayon? Parang tingin ko kasi parang sobrang daming trends sa music na kaya i-access sa internet na parang di mo na pwedeng sabihing baduy or i-look down yung mga iba ang trip. O ganun pa rin. May group ng mga K-Pop fans, may mga One Direction fans, may mga fans ng This Band, sina JK Labaho. May mga elitista pa rin, mga cool kids. O mas malala pa sila kasi nga dahil sa internet. Hahaha. Balita ko dami daw bashers ng IV of Spades. Hehe.

        @DDS: Hmm. Di ko alam. Parang dati DDs supporter din sina Basti Artadi at Kamikazee o siguro fake news lang yun kasi ang dali naman mag edit ng pics nila at ilagay na I support ___. Pero parang Ok lang sa kin. As long na di sila vocal sa pagiging DDS nila like Jimmy Bondoc at Mocha or like Jim Paredes na vocal na Dilawan/Liberal. Si Joey Ayala pala supporter din. Tapos nagkataon lang na di ko na rin trip pakinggan mga songs nila. Di ko lang sila nami-miss pakinggan, same case with Incubus.

        Pero pinagiisipan ko yung mga tulad ng “Padayon” ni Joey Ayala. Empowering ba siya para sa manggagawa/working class? Alam ba ng majority ng working class na wala nang time para makinig sa music niya ang “Padayon” at ang ibig sabihin nito? O pwede mo bang sabihin na kinuha at pinakinabangan lang ni Joey ang tunog/kultura ng mga minority group at ng mga manggagawa. Considered ba iyon as “appropriation”? Or kung magkahawig ba ang sinasabi ng Heneral Luna (movie) at nung “Aba-Aba” ni Dong Abay.

        Minsan mas nabobother ako na nasa gitna at walang sinasabi yung mga artists na pinapakinggan ko: sina Ely, Raims, Rico Blanco, ni wala man lang silang bagong kanta na kahit pahapyaw sa mga nangyayari wala. Or kahit sana man lang tungkol sa kalagayan ng nakararami. Si Rico sobrang pa chill chill lang sa IG. Turns out si Nathan tlaga yung may sinasabi sa Bamboo/Rivermaya.

        Re: Aegis: Download at play mo na lang album ni Ethel Booba. Pampalit mo sa Aegis. Hahaha.

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      3. Ang naiisip ko sa baduy vs cool ngayon ‘yung sa hiphop. Like baduy sina Skusta Clee pero cool sina Curtismith, ganern. Hindi ko man lang kilala ang This Band, nakikita ko lang vids nila sa YouTube pero never ko kini-click. Kebs lang din sa IV of Spades. Ako pala ‘yung pa-cool ‘no? Hahaha.

        DDS si Basti Artadi??? Wasaaak!!! šŸ˜¦ Si Joey Ayala din DDS? O Liberal? Hmp. Bahala sila, charet.

        Interesting ‘yang point mo on “progressive” songs. Minsan kasi parang tokenist na lang ‘no? Lalo na kung hindi naman lubog ‘yung artist sa community / masa na binibida niya sa kanta. May nabasa ako, sabi when you’re making protest art daw, always ask yourself who benefits from your art. Kung ikaw at ikaw lang, hindi na protest art ‘yan.

        Siguro mas maba-bother ako kung nagsasalita sila pero pagitna naman? ‘Yung tipong pa-safe? Ah well.

        Nyeta may album si Ethel Booba? At ka-level ng Aegis? Wasaaak hahaha. Sige pakinggan ko! šŸ™‚

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      4. Baduy yung Ex-Battalion? yun, sure ako. Hahaha. Di ako familiar sa mga hiphop/rap. Pero paborito ko si Emar Industriya. Hanapin mo sa bandcamp. Free download pa. Ang kina-iirita ko sa IV of Spades is, hindi yung mismong music nila, kundi yung porma nila na sobrang privileged kids ang dating at unapologetic yung attitude nila. Privileged kids din naman yata sina Cynthia A at Joey Ayala pero at least they tried to say something.

        Anyway, Basti, Joey Ayala, Chito Miranda, Kristine Hermosa voted for PDuts. Hinanap ko sa FB mga posts nila. Di naman siguro dieahard DDS tulad ni Robin.

        Good point about protest art. Tatandaan ko yan. Char. Haha.

        Di ko tlaga alam kung may album si Ethel. Pero may sense naman ang mga tweets niya.


      5. Ano favorite track mo sa Industriyalismo album ni Emar Industriya? D’un ako magsisimula haha.

        ‘Di mo trip ‘yung pa-retro na aesthetic ng IVoS? Hindi ko talaga sila sinusundan e so wala akong alam sa asta at ugali nila. Music-wise, sakto lang talaga.

        Feeling ko privileged naman halos lahat ng musicians sa Pinas na may decent following e. Hindi ba? Wala akong kilalang grassroots ang mode e, kasi kahit ‘yung indie scene ay hindi rin naman talaga “alternative.” Parang hindi man lang nga lower middle class ‘yung indie bands ngayon e; mas upper middle class to upper class talaga. Pero rough observation ko lang ‘to, wala akong prueba haha.

        Mas okay naman si Ethel kaysa kay Sass Sassot hahaha.


      6. Kahit alin. Simulan mo sa simula. Parang isang mahabang kanta lang siya. Pag di trip yung una, stop mo na..hehehe.

        Actually, assumption ko lang lahat yun sa IVoS. Nadaanan ko lang dati sa MYX, interview nila. Ok yung Barbara.. Ok din yung Mundo. Pero di ko sila sinasadyang pakinggan sa Spotify.

        Given naman na di ka makakapagbanda kung mahirap ka at kailangan mo talaga magtrabaho. So malamang tama ka. Middle class sila lahat. Ewan, ako lang siguro ‘to. May tunog middle class kasi para sa’kin, like IVoS at tunog pang-masa, like This Band. Yun siguro, at wala rin ako nakikita sa mga musikero ngayon na openly nag cricriticize sa gobyerno. Dati may video sa YT ang Hijo (dating Bamboo minus Bamboo), tinugtog nila yung Noypi, si Nathan kumanta tapos minura niya si PNoy. Ang angas nun! Yung Agaw Agimat may kanta sila tungkol kay Gloria. Yun mga ganun, parang wala na, at least dun sa mga popular na bands and artists. As in parang, yeah, chill lang tayo mga tsong.


      7. Hindi ko pa napapakinggan haha. Saka na siguro, kapag nasa mood akong makinig sa maiingay. šŸ™‚

        Mundo lang alam ko sa IVoS, tsaka ‘yung cover nila ng “Same Ground” ni Kitchy Nadal. Benta sa akin ‘yun. Parang ang galing n’ung gitarista nila o ng kung sinumang nag-arrange n’un. Hehe.

        Hindi ko pa rin napapakinggan This Band. Parang ayoko silang pakinggan dahil sa pesteng pangalan na ‘yan. Tinamad lang?? Hahaha.

        Shet gusto ko ‘yung may ganyang anti-PNoy sentiment pala si Nathan ng Bamboo! Ang wild, haha, lalo na’t medyo popular si PNoy among the middle class noon. Saya. šŸ™‚

        Ako naman pansin ko rin ‘yang middle class / lower class divide, pero mas dahil sa lyrics. Marami sa indie bands ngayon Ingles mga kanta e. Pero on top of that, ‘yung content mismo parang, um, pa’no ba ‘yung term? Burgis? Or, um, ewan haha.

        Pero kasi ‘di ba dati may mga lyrics na kahit hindi outright political, at least reflective sila ng daily struggles ng ordinaryong tao. ‘Yung Yano nagrereklamo kasi walang pera pang-mall, ‘yung Eheads gusto drive pero walang kotse, ‘yung Cambio kumu-call center muna habang naghihintay sa “better” (daw) na trabaho. Kahit nga si Yeng may kanta tungkol sa mga babaeng raketera e. Wala lang, parang walang gan’un ngayon. Ang lala ng traffic sa Maynila, ang init-init ng panahon, ang haggard ng cat-callers sa kalye — parang masaya sana kung ‘yung mga ganitong details nare-reflect din sa mga kanta. O pwede rin namang hindi ko lang alam ‘yung mga kanta tungkol sa ganito, haha.

        Btw, napanood mo ba ‘to: ? Parang ginagawa ko ‘to lahat e, hahaha.

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      8. – check ko yang “same ground” ng IVoS.

        – so far yung Kahit Ayaw Mo Na lang ang gusto sa kanta nila

        – oo, sobra anti Pnoy siya na naging pro-BBM siya sa FB post niya during the Pres. Election. Pero di rin sya bilib kay PDuts. Sabi nung friend ko, progressive naman daw mga views niya, di naman siya pro-BBM dahil loyalista or blind follower siya.

        – Yun, sakto… yun din ang gusto kong sabihin, yun din ang hinahanap ko. mostly mga rap artists yung overt na political ngayon. pero para nawala na tungkol sa mga daily struggles ng mga common tao, except siguro sa Tubero. XD

        – may kinalaman din siguro yung Weezer Paradox, though not exactly Weezer Paradox, mayaman na kasi yung mga ex-Eheads kaya di na nila kaya magsulat tungkol sa mga pagsakay sa jeepney, pag ko-commute, etc.

        – tungkol saan ang video? nasa opis ako eh. naka-block dito. hehehe


      9. Ano yung Weezer Paradox? Haha.

        Tungkol sa commen mistakes people make when playing Rico Blanco songs. Mga maling chords, ganern. Si Rico Blanco mismo yung kumukuda sa video. šŸ˜‚


      10. Ah, actually yung nga hinala ko. Nakita ko kasi sa FB pero di ko pa napanood. Haha. So, ipanakita nya mga tamang chords?

        Weezer Paradox yung pumapangit na mga kanta ng mga artists once naging successful at mayamang mayaman na sila. Ang general consensus kasi sa Weezer olats na lahat ng albums nila after Pinkerton or Maladroit. Ganun din yung Metallica, Offspring, etc. Kumbaga mas inspired at OK yung output nila nung struggling pa sila.


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