11 Favorite Moments In ‘Avengers: Endgame’


1. Justine Bieber. That moment when Rocket joked about Captain Marvel’s ever changing haircut. Yup, Captain Marvel is Disney’s attempt at a lesbian superhero. And they still couldn’t spell it out. Where’s your balls Kevin Feige Mickey Mouse? Also, Deadpool did it first. And she has a very cool name: Negasonic Teenage Warhead. By the way, Deadpool is now also Disney—but with balls (hopefully).

2. Traffic’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy.” Hawkeye losing his family to the snap, this song, and Tony Stark and Nebula drifting in space set the tone of Endgame‘s first act. It’s also probably a reference to the Iron Man movies which features mostly 70s rock music (AC/DC) on its soundtrack. (On the other hand, the song playing on that scene where Rocket and Hulk goes to Thor’s in New Asgard is The Kinks “Supersonic Rocket Ship,” probably a nod to the GotG movies.)

3. Mungo Jerry. A suspicious employee spots Tony and Cap in an elevator and she described Tony as one having a hippie beard. And she was asked: What kind of hippie beard? Bee Gees or Mungo Jerry? Mungo Jerry, she answered. Tony gets a kind of closure to his daddy issues, but it was kind of meh. Especially, when this song was playing in my head.


4. Iron Maiden. I know, she isn’t called that. I only made that up. But ain’t it cool that Iron Man’s significant other goes by Iron Maiden? Isn’t that so heavy metal? Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when Pepper Potts in Rescue armor suit appeared in the battlefield (and mildly irritated when I heard someone sitting behind me asking his friends who she is). I never expected that. And it’s good that Pepper has her own kick-ass moment in that overly crowded third act.

5. Hulk takes the stairs. I missed the old Hulk. Endgame kind of reduced Smart Hulk into someone who’s just there to forward the plot: someone who can use and withstand the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. Worse, he was not given a rematch with Thanos. A punch that could sent Thanos flying would have been deeply satisfying. But it didn’t happen. So, I’ll just have this: Hulk takes the stairs and sends Tony Stark flying when he suddenly opens the door.

6. Hail Hydra. Not a big fan of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Still, when Cap entered that elevator full of Hydra agents, I half-expected a repeat of that elevator brawl from the second Captain America movie. But instead of forcing a fight, Cap just whispered the magic word and took the Loki’s scepter from Sitwell. Brilliant.

7. Cap lifts the Mjolnir. This is one of those “Holy Sh*t” moments. Thanos is about to drive the Stormbreaker into Thor’s chest and Cap lifts the Mjolnir and saves the God of Thunder.

8. Avengers… Assemble. Another “Holy Sh*t” moment. Thanos brings his army of darkness and Doctor Strange and Wong sling ring all action figures available in the Marvel shelf and bring them to the battlefield. At long last, Cap’s finally able to complete that phrase he wasn’t able to complete at the end of Age of Ultron.

9. And I… am… Iron Man. I’ll just leave it here while I discreetly pulls some Kleenex from my fanny pack.

10. It’s Been A Long Long Time. Captain America’s ending doesn’t make sense. No, I’m not referring to time travel aspect of that ending. I’m referring to the fact that Bucky played an important role in two Captain America movies while Peggy Carter only mattered in one. Specifically, the last two movies are about Bucky. So, it makes more sense for Cap to go back to the 1940s, save Bucky from Hydra, get married and live their gay (as in happy) ever after. I’m just kidding. That scene where Cap’s dancing with Peggy is perfect in many ways. It’s a perfect conclusion to cap Cap and Peggy’s story.

11. The Big Lebowski or almost every scene with Thor in it. Cap gets the best “hero” moments, Tony Stark gets the most emotional moment. Thor, well, Thor has the best character arc in Endgame. And props to Chris Hemsworth, who, despite the fat suit, is able to give his character enough depth, enough pathos, enough goofy moments to make up for his lack of “hero” moment in the movie’s final third. Here’s hoping we get more of Thor flexing his comedic muscle in the third Guardians movie.



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