Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Avengers: Endgame Is The Super Duper $@%!#& Season Finale of the Year


The End Is The Beginning Is The End

Avengers: Endgame isn’t “the best MCU movie or the best superhero movie since (insert your preference here),” but it does what it has to do, “whatever it takes.” Even if that means Endgame makes for an unwieldy, ponderous, pandering, uneven, thrilling ride. It’s a crowd-pleaser and super duper entertaining.

Just like the fanboys/girls are saying, it gloriously caps the 22-movie Infinity Stones Saga and its a fitting swan song, encore, last dance, last hurrah for the OG Avengers, who, more or less, are saying goodbye to the fans after this movie. It’s a massive ending. If the whole of Infinity War is one big climax, Endgame is a false ending, another big climax then denouement.

Note: This will be gluten-free but look out, it’s full of spoilers!

Endgame strikes a perfect chord early on, in an opening scene that’s even more harrowing than Infinity War’s ending. Those deaths at the end of Infinity War didn’t feel too personal, just shocking—until we see Hawkeye loses everyone, everything. It may not be intended as a callback to Infinity War but it is such a painful reminder of Thanos’ entrance in the previous film—yep, the same scene Thor loses both Heimdall and Loki. Even more fitting is the song that transitions that scene to Tony Starks and Nebula stranded in space, Traffic’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy.”

Unfortunately, the movie couldn’t keep that tone for the rest of its first act. Without Hawkeye, whom we see experience the snap first hand just a while ago, no one’s really able to channel the anger, the grief, the gravity the Decimation has brought to the world. Except for Tony Stark, who’s anger over Steve Rogers not signing The Accords (which resulted to The Beatles’ break-up), is finally crystallized on screen, a few movies late after Civil War. But he also disappeared after that. So, we’re left with only Cap and Nat to do the emotional heavy lifting.

The movie seems to move on from the Decimation when Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang reappears and propose that they do a “time heist,” steal the stones from past, undo the snap. From post-apocalyptic drama, Endgame turns to what Marvel does best: action comedy. And this where everybody gets an encore, from the Hail Hydra men, The Tilda Swinton, to Agent Carter, Hank Pymm, and Tony’s father, to Star-Lord (“He’s an idiot.”) dancing to “Come And Get Your Love.”

This is also the most fun part of the movie. Loki gets another shot at the “magic cube,” Ant-Man and Tony gets to quip about 2012 Captain America’s ass and present Cap gets to say “Hail Hydra,” probably the funniest and most unexpected punchline of this sequence. Too bad, 2012 Cap still gets weak when he hears the magic word “Bucky.”

But it’s not all that, there’s one mildly poignant reunion between Thor and his mother (but not with Jane Foster) while Rocket gets the Aether. And there’s one emotional scene between Hawkeye and Natasha that probably wouldn’t get tagged as “fridging” (you, hypocrites!) because this isn’t Deadpool 2. Again, fridging or no fridging, I don’t care, it still didn’t feel justified.

And without not spoiling the movie any further, the massive third act comes and turns a bright sunny day into a gloomy overcast. Thanos, Nebula and Gamora go back to the future and make a surprise attack, The Mandarin-style. Yes, it’s a call back to that scene when The Mandarin destroyed Tony Starks’ mansion in Iron Man 3. Then, everyone comes back. But not before Thor, Cap and Iron Man gets to beat the crap out of Thanos. No, actually it’s them who get beaten the crap out of in return.


In terms of action, this movie did just OK, as with the other Russo-helmed Avengers movie. But this third act is so enormous, so gigantic, that it dwarfs anything the Russos (or Gunn or Whedon) have ever done before. Still, it could have been better. There could have been more team effort moments between Tony, Thor and Cap. Despite Captain America’s glorious moments, he still couldn’t hurt Thanos really bad and it’s Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel who were able to do that. Of the three, Captain America (he finally gets to say “Avengers Assemble”) gets the most number of “hero” moments here, maybe because Thor and Iron Man already had theirs in the previous movie.

Remember that massive underwater battle in Aquaman? Forget about that CGI overload, Endgame‘s big battle is better than that in every bit imaginable. Didn’t they tell you they get everyone, I mean every superhero in the Marvel shelf to battle Thanos and his army? I bet Hank Pym and his miniature tanks and hot wheels were also there. Luis and his gang were also there. But their scenes were cut because there were just too many of them. And if you’re one of the guys who complains there are very few superheroes fighting in Civil War, here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

My favorite minor moments: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Iron Maiden going to the rescue, Captain Marvel’s supernova entrance, Giant-Man rolling out Hulk, and Rocket covering Teen Groot from Thanos’ rain ammunition.

Cap proves he’s worthy, Tony gets to pull a “one last one,” but it’s only Thor who actually has a meaningful character arc in this movie. And it’s one about giving up trying to be who he thinks he should be. Hounded by his failure and losses in Ragnarok and Infinity War, Thor chooses to sulk, slouch, just be who he is. It kinda makes for a disappointing character arc if only Chris Hemsworth’s shabby beer-bellied god of thunder isn’t so funny. And for someone known for his jokes in the Avengers movies, Hemsworth’s also quite convincing as someone who couldn’t move on from his past, someone who’s time and time again proven not to be worthy. He stutters, tear up a bit and still draw laughs from the audience.

On the downside, Hawkeye’s still pretty much a side character, Endgame wouldn’t change that. Hulk didn’t get to do another Smash!, and Black Widow, well, it’s high time Marvel do her character justice and make that solo movie fans have been clamoring for for a long long time.

Well, we can’t have it all. Avengers: Endgame may not be a great movie but it’s an excellent ending considering all the things it tried to do. It’s also the biggest, grandest, emotional season finale all Marvel fans could ever wish for.

black widow

Oh, and that ending. Love that Kitty Kallen song.

7 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame (2019)

  1. Omygaaaaad grabe ‘yung Avengers Assemble scene!!! ‘Yung entrance ng buong sambayanan??!! My gahd ‘tang ina sobrang epic gusto kong maniwalang balang araw magtatagumpay din ang rebolusyon! Ganun katindiii!!! Hahahahaha.

    I don’t think fridging ‘yung ganap kay Nat (close kami). ‘Pag fridging kasi dapat wala kang ibang silbi kundi mamatay para i-motivate ‘yung revenge arc, ‘di ba? E matagal na namang may character si Nat, like, marami na siyang ibang nagawa/ginawa bukod sa matodas to move the story forward. Jejeje. 😂

    Favorite minor moments ko: ‘yung “I can do this all day” banter ng 2 Caps and every scene that has Ant-man in it. Hampogi ni Paul Rudd mars. ❤

    Actually ang pinaka-concern ko sa film ay 'yung time travel part, na obviously mahirap i-pull sa mga pelikula pero ang minimum expectation ay sana consistent 'yung internal logic within the movie. So obviously ang dami kong tanong, like, kung hindi pala undoable 'yung ganap kay Nat, anong meron kay Gamora sa present? Tas n'ung bumalik si Cap para ayusin ang dapat ayusin, anong nangyari sa old Cap from that timeline? Dalawa sila, same time? Sino nag-handle kay Loki who's gotten hold of the Tesseract? Si Cap lang mag-isa?

    Tsaka hmm, pansin mo 'yung sinabi ni Peter Parker na after nilang maging abo magkakasama pa rin sila nina Dr. Strange? Anyare, so, may "after life" na pinaglagyan sa kanila ni Thanos? So somewhere out there may alternate universe kung saan naroon si Thanos at ang kanyang mga kawal?

    Also, kung ayon kay Tilda Swinton ay 'yung stones ang nagpapanatili sa kaayusan ng uniberso, anyare n'ung dinestroy sila ni Thanos? Bakit hindi nagkagulo-gulo ang mundo right then and durr??

    Actually baka nasa pelikula rin ang mga sagot, baka na-miss ko lang haha. Pero boy was the movie entertaining! Saya! Hahahaha. 😀


    1. Oo nga no, di nga fridging yung kay Nat. Pero di pa rin ganun ka justified yung ending nya kahit na ginusta nya.

      Actually ang gulo ng logic nya. At walang sagot sa tanong hahahaha. Si Gamora na nasa 2023 ay 2014 Gamora.


      1. Yaaaa, pero like, patay na si Gamora sometime before 2023 ‘di ba? So kung pwedeng i-import from previous years ang isang deads na character (sa parehong lugar pa sila nadeads!), bakit ‘di nila gawin ‘yun kay Nat?

        And agree, true, hindi nga justified ‘yung kinahinatnan ni Nat. Masyado ngang convenient na sila ni Clint ‘yung pinadala d’un e. Walang explanation sa division of labor charot hahaha.


    2. Soul stone-ibabalik nya lang dun sa planet Vormir
      Mind stone- ibabalik nya sa Hydra na nasa elevator yung Loki’s scepter
      Aether- ii-inject nya ulit kay Natalie Portman
      Space stone- hindi ito yung na kay Loki, dun sa 1970s nya ibabalik, gagawa ng bagong timeline un nakatakas na Loki (magulo pa rin to)
      Power stone-gigisingin nya at ibibigay kay Star Lord
      Time stone- balik nya lang kay Tita Tilda.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nagising si Spider-Man kasama nung mga naabo sa Planet Titan. Pero di nya alam na five years na nakalipas, si Dr. Strange lang ang nagpaliwanag ng lahat.


      2. Yup, pwede nilang kunin si Nat nag kahit anong year at dalhin sa present, solb na ang problema. Actually, meron daw parating na tV series si Loki, so yun siguro un, ung Loki galing sa 2012. Tapos may solo movie din daw si Black Widow, ang sabi baka daw prequel siya as in pre-2008. Pero pwedeng pwede rin syang kunin sa ibang year at dalhin sa present.

        Wala naman prob sakin kahit may mga paradox. Pero yun nga yun mga rules nila sa time travel, di rin nila sinunod. Pero oks pa rin. Panalo yung time heist at yung final battle.


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