Favorite Records, 2018

What I’ve Been Listening To In 2018?

A bunch of oldies. Neil Young, some music from the Aughts, one fine indie rock band, and few new releases. Fear of missing out this is not. In fact, my Spotify playlist is stuck on Moira dela Torre. And Moira is like what—so 2017? Or 2016? The last band I discovered on Spotify was Ovlov. And that was in… 2015? Which is to say, I’m more like that old bus driver who plays the same set of “slow rock” staples every damn day—on the way to work and on the way back home. Yeah, get off my lawn.

Wait. I don’t have one.

Colonial Mental‘s Alex Almario wrote about this, why old folks listen to the same music over and over again. He too admitted that he can’t keep up with the times anymore. Me, I’m fine with it. That’s just the way things are now. For the music fans, the internet brings not just convenience, but also difficulties. There’s convenience in having almost unlimited access to the both old and new materials but at the same time, it’s also difficult to keep up with these torrents, these streams—it’s hard to stay afloat in the deluge.

Well, this is getting a little longer than the usual intro. I’d still like to add that “While I liked a total of four new songs last year (I got tired of “Hey Barbara” already), there are more new songs in my list this year and that’s a welcome improvement,” I have to cut this now—here.

So, in no particular order:

Long Playing Favorites

Tubero – Kupal Destroyer
With song titles that could make blush even the likes of Boy Sullivan and Andrew E. (“Kevin Tuwad,” “Makapal Ang Bulbol Mo,” “Walang Panty,” “Isubo Ang Ulo Ng Tite,” “Lamasin Ang Suso,” “Kain Puki” and the one that goes “Ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-kol!”) and names that could make Marilyn Manson rethink his whole career (Birjin Pakir, Blodiab, Casket Maker), Tubero’s Kupal Destroyer is hands down the best (and only) kupal metal album of the year. Tubero plays their signature grind-kupal-core balls to walls. And they play harder, faster, hornier, vulgarer than any metal band I heard this year.

Salyu – Kokyu
Stumbled upon this album in year nineteen-ninetynever. It was the time when I would listen to more or less five different albums each week. I liked this one instantly but never had the chance to get back to it. I even forgot its name. For the longest time, I thought it was something from a band called Asobi Seksu. I finally had an awful lot of free time few months ago to search in “the old back-up” and I found it. It was only then that I realized that my long lost favorite is not by Asobi Seksu, but by an artist called Salyu. Turns out it is the soundtrack to film called All About Lily Chou-Chou. Favorite cut: Erotic

Damien Rice – O
Another oldie. This album’s really quiet that it’s not good for the daily commuter. But the first four tracks or so are the best for going to bed. Before going to sleep, that is. Not for sex. But you may also try it if you want. Just don’t expect Mr. Rice not to moan with you. Favorite cuts: The Blower’s Daughter, Delicate

Feist – Let It Die
Just let it die. But it won’t. This one heck of an album. Prolly one of my all-time favorites.
Try: Gatekeeper, Mushaboom, Let It Die, Inside & Out

Neil Young – Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, After the Gold Rush, On the Beach
Pick After the Gold Rush for the folk tunes, On the Beach for a darker rock sound, and guitars. Everybody Knows, which predates both, has them both, folk and rock tunes: the title track, “Cinnamon Girl”, and my favorite title, “Cowgirl In the Sand.” But also check: Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Walk On, Ambulance Blues

Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold, Content Nausea
Stephen Malkmus once told in an interview that one time he heard Parquet Courts he thought it was Pavement. Well, they’re probably the closest thing, the best guitar band, we have now. A punk band, a garage band, they don’t make lovely tunes like Malkmus do, but they’re no just Pavement wannabes either.
Favorite cuts: Master My Craft, Borrowed Time, Pretty Machines

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Sparkle Hard
Not the biggest fan of my favorite band’s new album. It’s probably their most “different” or “weird” record since Face the Truth. And I seem to like it less than the one before it (Wig Out At Jagbags). But it still has more than a few good stuff in it. Just dont give me the one with autotune. Favorite cut: Middle America, Solid Silk, Kite

Favorite Cuts and Tidbits

Deadpool 2 OST – Ashes, Tomorrow, Take On Me
Yes, the one with Celine Dion in it. Me and Celine have patch things up already. I’m not really into danceable pop/new wave tunes from the ’80s, but A-ha’s unplugged version of “Take On Me” is truly great, like a true Norwegian Wood—Beatles or Murakami or both.

Deadpool OST – Shoop, Angel of Morning, Careless Whisper
One from Salt N’ Peppa’s a winner. The one about sex. Or is it supposed to be about the sound one makes while giving a head? Shoop baby, Shoop baby. And George Michael, he’s dead too. At least we still have Bowie.

Apartel – Pateros, Pre-Loved, Ako Ang Dagat, Ikaw Ang Buwan, Sisid
Now this is funky. Pateros is supposed to be that part of woman’s anatomy found between her bum and her fanny. Why it’s called that? Because it’s where a man’s balls make “bagsak” during coitus. At least when in missionary position. It probably originated from the Porkchop Duo. Or maybe from an older source. In Tagalog, the joke goes like this: Anong tawag sa pagitan ng puwet at ng pekpek? Sagot: Pateros. Bakit? Kasi, bagsakan ng itlog.

Sara McLahclan – Adia, Building A Mystery
Just revisiting the Sarah I had a crush on back in ’97. Or was it ’98?

Herbie HancockChameleon
The first track off Head Hunters takes the definition of groovy to a whole new level. It’s finger lickin’ groovy. Like a soundtrack to some nifty scenes from a Tarantino or Guy Richie movie. Or some blaxploitation film from the ’70s.

Heavy Trip OST
This song.  

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