All My Friends (tide/edit, 2018)

Is this where it all starts to sound the same? Well, not really the same. Similar? Or, slightly different variations of the same thing? Different permutations of exactly same ingredients, with a few new ones thrown in? Will the said new ones make the familiar sound fresh again? Or is the familiar already old? Will the lack of lyrics help me distinguish Track 1 from Track 3? What about strong melodies? Is there enough to carry on down to the twelfth track? But “strong” is subjective. What sound strong to you might still seem weak to me.

Is this where it all starts to bleed together? I’m mean those towels hanging on the cover of IDEAS. Towels, ideas, songs—spin them thrice in the washing machine and colours will bleed for sure. Ditto with these tunes, songs. After Lightfoot, I have little use for song titles. This one’s like a less catchy that. That, is a far superior version of this. This other doesn’t evoke feeling #1 the same way Track X does in the first. The first one is X2, which is equal to A. The second is B – 1, which is 2X/ 3 or less.

Well, powder detergents (i.e., Tide) could wear the colours of your clothes really fast. And I found tide/edit’s sound, by their third album, kind of thinning out. The colours faded and the distinction between each track, somewhat as blurry as clothes—undies, socks, shirts—whirling inside the tub.

My verdict, I give Lightfoot the benefit of the doubt and two and a half pouch of Ariel with fabric conditioner. And for All My Friends, I give it A for effort and C for delivery. Early delivery. Maybe, too early. I won’t mind if their next album won’t be out next year. Or even after two years. As long as it would sound different from their last.


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