‘Banayad Whiskey’ & Other Funny Movie Scenes


Kingpin. If you’re familiar with the Insidious movies, you probably know who Lynn Shane is. She’s the psychic in the series and the main protagonist in the last movie. In Kingpin, she plays the landlady of Woody Harrelson’s character. And she’s responsible for the movie’s most horrifying scene. More horrifying than anything in the Insidious movies.

Hot Shots: Part Deux. I’ll pick just one though there are many hilarious scenes in this movie. The Terminator 2 and Star Wars parody comes to mind, but this is my pick: the scene where Charlie Sheen’s character ran out of arrows and used a chicken to kill his target.

There’s Something About Mary. The scene with the hair gel probably gets mentioned a lot, but a pubescent Ben Stiller having trouble with his zipper in the bathroom is definitely the funniest scene in the entire movie. Stiller’s day turn from best (he picks up his prom date (Cameron Diaz), then inadvertently sees her in her underwear) to worst really fast (he is caught looking at her, he panics, pulls his fly a little too fast, and worst, has his beans and frank—a bit of both—caught in the zipper). We got a bleeder! He’s masturbating! Painfully funny.

I, Spy. What? Never heard of this movie? It stars Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy. I won’t highly recommend this movie though there are a few god-awfully funny scenes. One of which is the scene where Wilson tried to seduce a fellow agent (Famke Jansen) while Murphy tells him what to say—basically the lyrics to Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing.” It’s a funny sexy little scene.

Juan of the Dead. Juan’s best buddy thought he was bitten by zombies and would die and turn the next day. Knowing it would be his last night before he becomes one of the undead, he confesses to Juan that he’s gay and he has one last wish. What’s his wish? See the movie and find out.


Father En Son. Dolphy probably made more than a hundred movies and this is hardly among the best. But this movie has its moments. And that part where Dolphy stars in a commercial for Banayad Whiskey, which turns out to be not banayad (smooth, suave) at all, is one of those hilarious moments. Said whiskey is, according to the King of Comedy, “lasang blade” (literally, tastes like razor blade). Of course, hilarity ensues, as Dolphy ends up drunk before the filming crew could get a decent take.

Banayad Whiskey poster from here.

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