Stoked to Infinity? Deadpool 2’s Final Trailer Is Just So Rad


Just watched the final trailer for Infinity War and I’m stoked to infinity.

Like this:   stoked ^ ∞

Oh, I mean Deadpool 2. Sorry. Also, wrong poster. My bad. Anyway, looking back I could say now how I actually felt about the official trailer. It was disappointing. This final trailer feels more like it. It’s perfect in every way that a trailer for a Deadpool sequel should be.

I mean, references to both the best and the worst Wolverine movies? Check. Reference to Thanos and Infinity War? Check. Reference to DCEU? Very fat fuckin’ check. Plus, plus, the plot seems to be a cross between the first two Terminator movies with a bit of Looper thrown in. Well, they might as well make fun of them if this would be the case. Cable as the villain? Is that a Terminator or an Avengers reference? The kid as the ultimate bad guy in the future? Yeah, that’s kind of Looper right there, right? But what if Cable isn’t really Cable, and the X-Force are actually fighting his clone?

That would be interesting.


That part where Deadpool cuts and deflects bullets with his katanas and finish it off with “your bullets, they’re really fast!” may be the best punchline we’ve seen yet from the movie. Of course, Peter W., who has no power and mustache-diving with the team was so frickin bad-ass funny.

Did DP2 just revealed its best jokes in this trailer? Maybe, but let’s hope there’s more.

Also, it’s finally confirmed Terry Crews is Bedlam, and Domino and Shatterstar are also formally introduced in the trailer. Except for that Japanese chick with purplish hair. Of course, the plot could be as simple as this: Cable is out to get the kid, DP forms the X-Force to foil Cable’s plan. Turns out Cable is right, then the kid turns the table on all of them. That would also be cool. Because based on the final trailer, it already looks like it’s gonna be hell lots of fun. No matter what. And hell lots of fourth wall breaking as well. And profanity. And Deadpool.

And Deadpool ist rad.


Haven’t seen the final trailer yet? Do yourself. A favor.


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