Camera Obscura, Interpol and Other Favorite Records from the Zeroes


Another list. A list of albums I like, from that decade after the Millennium Bug crashed the world’s supercomputers and left the world in chaos. Albums I still listen to from time to time. Not necessarily the bests, nor great ones. More like comfort food. Like burger and fries.

Interpol, Antics. Sure they ripped off Joy Division, like I give a fuck. I couldn’t like Joy Division, Banks knows I tried. Listened first to Turn On The Bright Lights, which I also didn’t like. Too much keyboards maybe, while Antics has more guitars, angular ones.

Pavement, Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition. Like every overgrown child with an internet in the mid-2000s, who only discovered Pavement thru album leaks of Matador’s superlative re-issues of the band’s superawesone first four albums, I tried to listen to all Pavement re-issues I could download, all at once. Turned out, these Pavement re-issues was too much of a good thing that I had to count years before I could finally say “Yosh, I listened to every Pavement LP, every Pavement EP, every Pavement song. And this is my favorite.”

Juana, Misbehavior. The drummer’s former Prettier Than Pink. Or Keltscross, I forgot which. Maybe Prettier Than Pink qualifies as one-hit wonder. Remember “Cool Ka Lang”? No? Nevermind. Maybe Juana too. Ever heard “Ikaw Pa Rin”? “Good-Bye”? Or “Reyna Ng Quezon City”? No? Fine. I’ll just keep ’em to myself.

Silent Sanctuary, Fuchsiang Pag-ibig. Learning How to Play Drums from Someone Who Doesn’t Actually Play Drums: Listen to “Rebound” and notice how the drummer filled the songs with many different “fills”, making the song sound a lot better, livelier during the supposedly “dead” parts (i.e., the verse).

Silent Sanctuary, Fuchsiang Pag-ibig. Take 2. This was my ex-GF’s favorite. And this is one of those things which I actually bought twice. (Actually, there are only two things I could remember that I bought twice my whole life, and the other was the first Jinri Park gravure.) My cousin who lived with us for a few months was going back home to our province. Before he left, I told him to get all the CDs stacked beside the DVD player. Those were all pirated CDs anyway. Only they weren’t. Together with those pirated CDs is my very mint Fuchsiang Pag-ibig CD. And my cousin later said that he was surprised one CD didn’t look pirated at all. All I was able to say was: “Fuchsia, nadale mo pati yung Silent Sanctuary!”

Camera Obscura, Let’s Get Out of This Country. For some reasons, this album’s close to my heart. I haven’t followed this band like a true fan nor listened to their other albums, but when I learned that Carey Lander was no longer with them, a year after she passed away, I felt genuinely sad.


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