10 Filipino Horror Films To Watch Before the Sigbin Gets You

Better late than never. Listed in no particular order.

yanggaw.pngYanggaw / Director: Richard Somes / Year: 2008


puneraryaPunerarya (part of Shake Rattle & Roll 12) / Director: Jerrold Tarog / Year: 2010


parolaParola (part of Shake Rattle & Roll 13) / Director: Jerrold Tarog / Year: 2011


el-kapitan.pngDugo Ng Birhen: El Kapitan / Director: Rico Maria Ilarde / Year: 1999


woman-of-mud1.jpgWoman of Mud (Ang Babaeng Putik) / Director: Rico Maria Ilarde / Year: 2000


mariposa.pngMariposa Sa Hawla Ng Gabi / Director: Richard Somes / Year: 2012


black.pngBlackout / Director: Ato Bautista / Year: 2007


23bAng Manananggal Sa Unit 23B / Director: Prime Cruz / Year: 2016


sanlazaro.pngSan Lazaro / Director: Wincy Aquino Ong / Year: 2011


zombaZombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington / Director: Jade Castro / Year: 2011


2 thoughts on “10 Filipino Horror Films To Watch Before the Sigbin Gets You

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  1. Grabe, walang kupas pa rin ‘tong Shake Rattle and Roll. Sa lahat ng SR&R stories ang unforgettable sa’kin yung Ang Guro with Edu Manzano and Manilyn Reynes. Hindi naman na siguro nakakatakot yun pag pinanood ko ngayon pero sobrang bata ko pa nun nung una ko syang napanood.


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